How Growth Marketing Stacks Nail Sales Targets, Year After Year

Brian Miller
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Increasing sales is the common and ultimate goal every business shares. However, the necessary strategy to achieve year-over-year growth is not going to be the same.

No two businesses are alike. Even if they have similar sales cycles, each brand is unique, as are their customers. This is why growth marketing stacks prove to be the best solution for organizations seeking ways to hit (and even exceed) their sales targets.

Every strategy and tool added to a growth stack is based on how customers engage your brand and its products, and an alignment with your goals is orchestrated by the best digital marketing agencies offering growth stacks to savvy brands that want more from their marketing. This article is meant to help businesses understand how growth marketing stacks offer ongoing profit gains with year-over-year revenue targeting success.

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The Growth Stack Methodology

One of the main reasons why a growth stack is so successful at helping brands continue to hit high-revenue targets, is that the methodology is designed to provide a strategy that fits each organization’s needs like a glove.

We already briefly mentioned that any successful growth stack will have a foundation built on how an organization’s customers engage with their brand and industry-related content that impacts their buying decisions. Once a clear understanding has been established, the right strategies and tools are put together by growth marketers to help organizations reach the right buyer’s, with the right content that will educate them and provide them with a path for making a purchase.

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Growth Marketing Stacks Generate Traffic Unlike Any Other Strategy

When it comes to businesses seeking traffic generation, most opt for SEO or PPC services. In fact, many organizations will utilize both organic and paid strategies with the goal to generate traffic to their conversion-based landing pages.

Growth marketing stacks revamp traditional SEO and paid media strategies to work together AND alongside other modes of driving more visitors to a desired web page or landing page. In addition, any savvy growth marketing agency will segment buyer audiences and create traffic generation micro-strategies for organic and paid media that use unique, specialized and heavily researched messaging to lead potential customers to desired content based on their stage in the buyer’s journey. This means desired traffic groups are created and broken down into the awareness, consideration and decision stage mapped against each persona.

In order to maximize traffic generation, a growth stack is highly valuable because it has multiple objectives for the single goal to drive  traffic. In other words, it takes buyer persona, buyer journey, audience segmentation and multiple strategies, as opposed to a vanilla, run-of-the-mill offering presented by most digital marketing agencies.

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Growth Stacks Offer Detailed Data

The more detailed your data is, the better your optimization results will be. One of the many values in growth marketing stacks is the ability to farm and analyze data otherwise missed in solo paid media and SEO strategies.

The best growth marketing stacks have CRMs with all the right features required based on the organization and their needs in order to hit high revenue targets year after year. HubSpot is a popular platform because it integrates with most other CRMs and email marketing platforms, and it captures tons of valuable data on your visitors. For example, you are able to see exactly where leads came to your site, what content they engaged with the most, and even get their names and the companies they work for. When properly built and managed, growth stacks can collect crucial data to understanding your buyers, and when you have these points you can further segment your leads and send them workflows with niche content designed to offer a solution to their needs.

While Google Analytics may show website visitor behavior, it is unable to capture the intimate details on your buyers that a growth marketing stack offers in customized CRMs with advanced data collection tools.

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Marketing Automation Powers Growth Marketing Stacks

Once the fine details are captured on your leads and analyzed by your growth marketing team, workflows are put together and sent through email marketing campaigns through a fully automated process. Creating the strategy, the content, and setting the cadence is the hard part, but once digital marketing agencies like WEBITMD do the research and engineer the content and strategy, a marketing automation platform will start feeding your leads with the right information that will lead them to the decision stage, and ultimately prompt them to buy from your company thus fulfilling their need with the best solution.

Do you remember back to your childhood when you read those adventure books, and after a set number of pages you could choose the course the hero takes by turning to an instructed page? This is exactly what a quality marketing automation platform does in a growth stack. Based on how leads engage with your content, they will be sent specific and strategic content designed to get them back on the path to making a purchase, or that leads them further down the funnel.

Without marketing automation, brands would spend thousands of dollars on manpower and strategists to work individual leads. But realistically speaking, this would take so much time that your buyer would likely already make a purchase from a competitor. Marketing automation saves organizations time and money, and they garner amazing results because they run on a proven understanding of who the leads are, and what it takes to convert their curiosity into a sale.

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Growth Driven Design

Finally, the best growth marketing agencies include creative development into their stacks if in fact there is room to improve (and in most cases there is always room for design improvement). Once all the data on your buyers is collected and analysed, website designers will make improvements to better facilitate business growth through modifications to the website’s design. From maintaining a WordPress site to ensure smooth functionality on a monthly basis, to running creative A/B tests based on heat map results, growth driven design helps brands hit their revenue goals by delighting their customers with an amazing website experience.

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