How a Top Growth Marketing Agency Uses Facebook to Increase Sales

Jen Saunders
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When we think of Facebook, most people are reminded of those friends who check in to places because they feel some impulsive obligation to let all of their friends know where they are eating or working out. Then there are people who post 10 selfies a day, and people who vent by sharing political articles (and if they think like their friends do, they are just preaching to the choir) and people who send “thoughts and prayers”. So what does this say about human beings in general? They are obsessed with social media to the point it has become an external function of their very being. In fact, despite all the security breaches and unethical practices circulating around Facebook, more people use the social media platform than watching TV. 

According to Facebook’s updated user report of July 2019, there are 2.7 billion people who use Facebook every day, and Hootsuite reports that 2.3 million of these users are American (the second largest user market with India being the largest). For brands trying to reach a wider audience and increase sales, Facebook can be a great catalyst for hitting your revenue goals.

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Make Sure Your Customers are on Facebook

Before you plan a digital marketing strategy using Facebook, it is important to first find out if your audience is even on the platform. Although 68 percent of all Americans use Facebook, only half of American teens are on the platform, and the majority of its ad audience are people aged 18 to 34. Most teens use YouTube and Snapchat, so if your main buyer persona is a 15 year-old boy, Facebook might be worth trying, but it definitely won’t reach as many customers as Youtube of Snapchat. On the other hand, because most Facebook users in America are in their late 30s and 40s, and considering that people using Facebook aged 65+ has doubled from last year to 41 percent, it is definitely a platform for the middle-aged and senior audiences. So if you sell mortgages to new homeowners, yoga classes, or luxury vacation packages, Facebook could be a real money-maker.

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How Facebook Contributes to a Growth Marketing Stack

A growth marketing stack is a set of customized strategies and tech tools, synchronized to achieve the same goal, build on a firm understanding of your products and services, and your buyer’s needs. Strategies can include SEO, paid media, inbound, and social media. Your growth marketing agency uses a CRM that automates custom content to individual buyer persona groups with the goal to attract high-quality traffic, convert a prospect into a lead, and nurture each lead with more custom content using marketing automation in which they receive enough information to make an educated purchasing decision, and each lead is monitored through every step of the buyer’s journey.

The best HubSpot certified growth marketing agency will first determine if Facebook is the right social media platform to use in the strategy (there can be more than one platforms) and if so, use the social media network in multiple ways to foster growth that include the following:

  • Harvest data to improve buyer personas and audience targeting
  • Growth hacking
  • Sending traffic to top, middle, and bottom funnel zones
  • Improve keyword rankings and foster better SEO value
  • Create ads that send high quality traffic to landing pages with the goal to convert
  • Promote brand loyalty
  • Foster online reputation management

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Use Facebook Data to Improve Audience Targeting

Facebook can provide a goldmine of data to help improve audience targeting with content. Whether you engage from your company’s page, or you create your own persona masquerading as a consumer, you can engage members of your target buyer audience and farm important information from them such as what they love/hate about various products, what common needs they have, how the product functions as a solution to those needs, and what they look for in a provider when choosing a vendor.

You can also join various groups associated with your products, services, or the lifestyle your brand fits into, identify your ideal buyers, and note things like average age, gender, income level, interests, geographic location, and other telling facts that can help you improve content customization to better resonate with individuals.

And while farming this data, you can engage in a growth hacking strategy to get more followers and social engagement by sharing your content while addressing the main influencer of groups.

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Run Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be a great way to capture people who are interested in your offering, and lead them to a conversion funnel. Facebook ads can target people at various stages of the buyer’s journey and then funnel them on to the next step, or they can target specific buyer personas.

One way to enhance a paid media strategy in a growth marketing stack is to use lookalike audiences. This is an ideal way to find new prospects without spending hours of time running tests, or wasting time making guesses. A strategic facebook ad can target various buyers and lead them to any portion of the funnel, and they can even convert people into paying customers right on the spot.

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How Facebook Improves SEO Value in a Growth Marketing Stack

Most people make the mistake of viewing SEO as a top-of-funnel traffic source. And while it does serve this function, it can also send organic traffic to any portion of the funnel by using longtail keywords and topics that reflect the right context, and the specific buyer’s needs. This can be achieved by writing blogs designed to convert on Facebook, written for precise audiences. Facebook empowers SEO whenever someone engages with the content you share. For example, if your company manufactures plant-based protein products, and you join a number of vegetarian and vegan Facebook groups, any time you share an article and people “like” it, comment on it, or share it, powerful social signals are sent back to your site, Google reads them, and if the signals are strong you can see a boost in your ranking or site’s domain authority. Better yet, when you share a blog with a CTA inviting people to a landing page on your website, Google Analytics will likely report an increase in sessions, session duration, and a number of other actions that help to promote healthy SEO value. At the end of the day, a social media marketing strategy and SEO go hand-in-hand, and with these two strategies running alongside paid media and an agile inbound approach, a growth marketing stack can be the ideal solution to help your organization improve its bottom line. 

Is a Growth Marketing Stack the Ultimate Solution to Hitting High Revenue Targets?

Download our FREE guide on WEBITMD’s growth marketing stack; see if the approach makes sense for your business, and give us a call. We would love to learn more about your business, sales cycle, products, customers, and growth goals. Then, together, we can talk about what an ideal marketing strategy would be to help you see continuous year-over-year gains.
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