How Many Helen Keller Jokes Does it Take to Illustrate a Failed Marketing Plan?

Jen Saunders
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Today is National Tell A Joke Day, and if we are on social media reading articles about various aspects of marketing, why not use laughter as a learning platform on a day like today, and especially in a time like the one we are living in now?

Helen Keller was a remarkable woman; she published 12 books, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, she was a prominent political and social activist, and was a high-ranking member of the Mossad (haha just joking on the last point). So how did someone who was blind and deaf able to achieve so much? She had a remarkable teacher, and there was one thing that helped bring the world to Helen’s consciousness: water. This was the first word to awkwardly spill from the quivering lips of one who lived in the dark searching desperately to find even a twinkle of hope.

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Let Inbound Water and Grow Your Marketing Reach

Water was the thing that launched Helen’s ability to understand and formulate words through a process. First, she recognized that water was a thing, and that thing had a name, and that name required one to move their lips and tongue while making a sound to give it presence. The inbound marketing methodology is much like this. While you can organically rank for SEO with a stellar strategy, you aren’t reaching the right audience with your message unless you leverage your efforts with an inbound-driven marketing automation campaign. You may be at the water pump feverishly pumping away, and the water (organic SEO results) is right there, but whose thirst is it quenching?

While there are many things that make Helen Keller one of the most inspirational women in history, there are even more jokes about her that bring joy and laughter to many (and if you are offended by them, stop reading, or lighten up and read on).

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Inbound Marketing can Make the Blind See

Q: How did Helen Keller’s parents punish her?

A: They re-arranged the furniture.

If you are working with a digital marketing agency for SEO services, then clearly you know how important it is to reach online audiences. But even with the best SEO strategy on the face of the earth, you can rank on page one of Google BUT if you aren’t ranking for the right consumers or for the right buyers at their specific stage in the buyer’s journey, then you are nothing more than a virtual Helen Keller stumbling around in the living room of high ranking while walking smack into the bookcase.

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Rank for the Right Buyers, at the Right Moment

Q: Why was Helen Keller’s Leg Always Yellow?

A: Her dog was blind too.

Are your buyers your main focus, or are you blindly pissing on their legs while optimizing your content for the trees and fire hydrants? Before you create a keyword and content strategy, it is important to first identify the multiple buyer personas that apply to your products and services. Once you better understand your buyers (their concerns, objections, needs and pains) you can create custom and very specific content designed to rank FOR THEM and not for anyone who types in a generic keyword. You can learn more about this process by reading articles on how to create buyer-specific blogs that convert readers into buyers, and just remember to comb through your data and talk to your sales team to get more insights on who your customers are and what motivates their purchasing decision.

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Missed Keyword Opportunities can Destroy Your Marketing Dreams

Q: How do you get Helen Keller to keep a secret?

A: Duct tape mittens on her hands.

In order to have a digital marketing strategy that will both rank and convert, you need to use both hands when digging down into your well of keywords. Once you know who your buyer personas are and what their buyer’s journey typically looks like, you can create content strategies directed to each one to further them through the funnel. Using the right keywords is key, otherwise you are working with virtually one hand behind your back not utilizing your full potential.

Here is an example: let’s say you own a yoga studio in Los Angeles and your goal is to get more paying customers through the door to take yoga classes. Your target audience is very broad, as you work with adults, kids, teens, seniors and even people with physical disabilities. Rather trying to rank solely for “yoga classes in Los Angeles”, “yoga classes near me” or “best yoga instructors in LA”, be sure to dig deeper and use keywords specific to each buyer group. If we use the buyer persona pertaining to parents who want to get their kids into yoga, some keywords could include:

  • Los Angeles yoga classes for kids
  • After school yoga classes
  • Yoga instructor for kids in Los Angeles
  • Is yoga good for children
  • Children’s yoga instructor in LA
  • Yoga for children
  • Los Angeles parent child yoga classes

Like Helen Keller (well, when she was alive) Google’s algorithms are extremely intelligent and process information while self-learning along the way. This means you don’t need to stuff your content with keywords anymore. Instead, use a variety of short-form keywords and buyer specific longtail formats in content that reads naturally.

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