Four Digital Marketing Moves to Increase Sales in 2018

Emma Gasko
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One of the biggest eye-openers we saw in 2017 was how buyer behavior has changed and how it impacted the way digital marketers help unite their clients with customers. Ultimately buyer-centric intent and strategies must come first. This means the process and its stages must focus on consumers while playing a clean ball game on Google’s field. Here are four tips used by award-winning Google partner digital marketing agencies that help increase goal conversions and sales for their clients.

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Content Clusters and Pillar Pages

In order to convert clicks into sales, a process must unfold and organically ranking is the first step. After all, if they can’t find you, they won’t buy. SEO is not dead, and it isn’t going anywhere. However, SEO needs to evolve to keep pace with buyer intentions. This is where the content cluster blog method can play a big role. When topic-focused content addresses specific and unique industry-related concerns and buyer pains while optimizing for various keywords, linking these blogs to a pillar page (primary service or product page) will boost organic ranking, improve domain authority, and strike personal chords with buyers. When the right content reaches the right people, solutions to their pains will move them along through the buyer’s journey and help increase sales.

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Marketing Automation and the Inbound Methodology

As previously mentioned, being able to deliver the right content to the right buyers is paramount to business growth. Marketing automation platforms like HubSpot help marketers differentiate sales qualified leads from looky-loos, nurtures the appropriate audiences with strategic buyer persona focused content, and send the right content at the right time to people who want to buy your products. SEO and PPC alone will not cut it. Using these services without the inbound methodology and a marketing automation platform is like catching a fish but failing to reel it in.

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Optimizing for Smart Home Devices

Years ago voice search was all the craze in SEO. Today it still is, but now mobile voice search has a new baby brother: smart home devices. Last year more than 30 million smart home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home were purchased, and the number is expected to double in 2018. Be sure to optimize your content to rank for this new and booming sector of search marketing.

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Chatbots for Digital Marketing

Chat bots have been highly favored because they make communication with prospective buyers more efficient, they improve an organization’s handling capacity, they are cost effective, and customers love them. But chatbots can also be used to close sales. When creating content and copy for your blogs and landing pages in a workflow, consider using a chatbot designed to provide further assistance that picks up where the landing page that brought the customer in left off. This way the person will continue to be nurtured, through a more human vertical, and the chance of resolution and solution will be amplified thus leading to a hike in sales.

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