3 Must-Ask Questions for Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in 2018

Emma Gasko
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The new year is almost upon us, and if you haven’t yet nailed down a contract with a digital marketing agency to turn things around in 2018, you are probably scrambling to find an agency that not only seems up to the challenge of helping you grow your business but that also resonates with your gut feeling. It goes without saying that you can look up reviews on the agency, delve into their portfolio, and even talk to past or former clients in order to gauge their efficiency. This article presents three questions you need to ask that go beyond the obvious, and if you take these into account while fishing for the best digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, your chance of reeling in a winner greatly enhances.

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Is the Proposed Strategy Tailored to Your Brand and Goals?

9 out of 10 digital marketing agencies perform the same service for every client. Some even offer their clients a package option of services–the same service model your cable TV provider uses. The silver, gold and platinum packages may work if you love Sci-fi but hate romantic comedies. However, if your goal is to grow your business by gaining new customers while enhancing your online presence, you need a growth stack of services that are customized to suit your unique needs. Make sure that the digital marketing agencies who make your short list give specific examples as to how they would customize a marketing strategy in line with your brand, sales figures, and business goals. Otherwise you are investing in Mickey Mouse deliverables.

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Who are the People Behind the Curtain?

Every digital marketing agency under the sun strives to amp up their own digital presence; many have beautiful, modern websites that promise clients the moon and boast that their team is comprised of true experts. Remember in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ when the big and powerful Oz was just a sad little old man behind the curtain? Make sure the agencies you vet are not full of smoke and mirrors. Do your research and find out exactly who will be creating your strategy and who will be executing. Look them up on LinkedIn and reach out to one of their contacts they previously worked with; ask this person questions that attest to genuine skills and abilities. You will also want to have a conversation with this individual. Ask them probing questions specific to their title and responsibility.

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What Really Separates the Best Digital Marketing Agencies from their Competitors?

There are 100 good digital marketing agencies out there, so you need to determine what it is about the agencies on your short list that make them stand out from the rest. Some of the golden traits that true boutique agencies have include services offered, creativity, and the people. Sure, any digital marketing agency will offer SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and creative development. However, not all agencies include inbound with marketing automation, growth driven design, sales enablement, and consulting services that help businesses streamline their sales process and internal efforts. Creativity is also a paramount quality that separates super agencies from average ones. Are they creating buyer personas and using creative spins on content marketing to reach multiple segments of your consumer audience? Who are the CEO and department directors? Do they have impressive academic and industry backgrounds that make them stand out as rare gems in the marketing world? The agency you decide to partner with should be that rare unicorn. After all, average agencies will only produce average results.

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