Why Digital Marketing Growth Stacks Make SEO Relevant

Jen Saunders
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SEO – of all the digital marketing services there are for businesses looking to fuel their growth, search engine optimization is the one that comes up most often. Roughly 70 percent of the calls WEBITMD receives are for people who ask about SEO services. And 9 out of 10 times SEO isn’t even what they really want.

People are not in business to rank all over page one of Google for popular search terms. Sure, organically ranking is an important piece to the strategy, but ultimately businesses want to hit their high sales targets, expand their customer database, and attract new customers. SEO as a stand-alone service will not make the mark. However, when baking SEO into a customized digital marketing growth stack, SEO becomes relevant because it serves as the foundation to getting eyes on the valuable content that will convert readers into buyers.

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Why  à la carte SEO Struggles to Move the Sales Needle

Back in the heyday of SEO savvy search optimization specialists could rank content that served as a landing page with a purchase button and checkout cart, or they would rank content that encouraged people to contact sales teams. For a while both strategies worked well, so long as the guy behind the curtain had the SEO chops and knew all the tricks of the trade.

Today, however, à la carte SEO struggles to move the sales needle because buyers have developed entirely different habits. With the inauguration of RankBrain at the end of 2015 and all of the user friendliness advancements in mobile voice search and smart home search, consumers have access to more information that brands are “forced” to share in order to appease the search engine’s strict semantic nature. In addition, more is being invested in blogs and content-rich web pages because companies want to keep up with the consumer’s need to do thorough research–a behavior that has dominated the consumer psyche, as more people dedicate time into discovering which products and services offer the best solution to their specific needs. Today’s content for SEO must also serve as a piece to a greater strategy–a digital marketing growth stack that works with search optimization to lead people through a crafted buyer’s journey.

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Growth Stacks Replace Keywords With Contextual Topics

As a stand-alone service, SEO uses keyword strategies to attract the right buyers. The problem here is that ranking for a single page that stands as a solo entity has a beginning and an end all within the same space.

When incorporating the inbound methodology with marketing automation software in an agile digital growth stack, you gain the ability to rank content that provides access to buyer-nurturing by leading them through a sales funnel where content offers contextual topics that align with the buyer’s needs and goals.

For example, if a scuba diving equipment provider is ranking for “tropical BCDs”, the chance the reader will bounce out is high because the search term and supporting content is general. However, if digital marketers narrow focus on various content pieces for multiple buyer types under the canopy of unique contextual topics, buyers will actually find what they are looking for, like “tropical back-inflatable BCDs with added hardware”. Just be sure to understand your buyer personas and create context and topics in various articles designed to attract customers at every stage of their buyer’s journey.

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PPC Fuels Quick Wins in a Slow SEO Process

SEO is a process. Your content is not going to rank over night. When incorporating a PPC strategy into a digital marketing growth stack, you can create quick sales wins while the organic component is still baking long before we hear the “ding”.

If a business is seasonal and they want to move product quickly while ramping up their organic efforts so they will have rank visibility come next high season, PPC is a great way to drive immediate traffic to a landing page giving SEO the time it needs to germinate into a channel for conversions.

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