Digital Marketing Growth Stack Quick Glimpse to Enable Organizational Growth

Jason Patel
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If you are like most other organizations when it comes to investing in marketing solutions, you probably shoot for those prime services everyone else utilizes: SEO and paid media. But if your ultimate goal is to grow your business with measurable results, SEO and paid media need to be running as part of a custom digital marketing growth stack. The best digital marketing agencies offering growth stacks engineer specific sets of tools (SEO and paid media included) with multiple strategies based on a full understanding of your customers and how they consume information. To do this agencies will talk to your sales team to get any revealing data on your customers, go through your email database, and even send out questionnaires. Once your buyer personas are created and the agency has a firm understanding of your operations, pain points and goals, a custom growth stack can be constructed and designed so that all components work together to achieve the same goals.

Although growth stack pieces will differ based on each organization and their needs, here is a quick glimpse at the inner workings of most digital marketing growth stacks used by most organizations.

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Traffic Generation Strategies and Tools

Driving traffic to your website’s various pages requires an agile, comprehensive traffic generation strategy. The most successful strategy is rooted in organic search, paid media and social content marketing. This multi channel approach allows for wide floodways where maximum traffic and various buyer types can find content customized to meet their needs that transforms them into MQLs as soon as they enter the funnel. Then they are nurtured with the right messaging until they become buyers. From email marketing to SEO, and from PPC to paid Facebook adverts; using a broad mix of channels for driving traffic will help you increase leads and garner more sales.

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Nurturing and Marketing Automation

Remember, today’s buyer no longer depends on sales people for information needed to make purchasing decisions. In fact, various surveys show that buyers find sales people to be more annoying than helpful. This means the right buyers need to receive precise content at specific times of the day when they are most likely to have free time online, and these parameters differ from one buyer persona to the other. This is why organizations just like yours need a sophisticated marketing automation system that nurtures leads through a scenario-based strategy. Make sure your automation software has sophisticated tools that help with data collection, analyzing data, creative development, and other tools that help personalize the experience.

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Content Creation

Content is what drives results. From SEO-enriched blogs and web pages, to downloadable assets and email copy, every piece of content produced needs to target a specific customer, at a precise stage in their buyer’s journey, with logic baked in that leads them to the next phase down the path towards making a purchase. The best content writers are educated individuals with a solid understanding of creative writing, marketing and psychology. Finding individuals with these skills nailed down is rare, but taking the time to find the write person to manage your content production with this background will pay off in full.

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