What is a Digital Marketing Growth Stack? Why do You Need It?

Brian Miller

Digital marketing is something that most businesses need if they expect to grow. However, the agency in the driver’s seat will dictate exactlywhatdigital marketing means and what its realistic goals are.

Most digital marketing agencies focus on driving traffic to a website, and that’s where they stop. Unfortunately, this means their strategy is focused around SEO or paid campaigns with no conversion optimization or business growth strategy set in place. At the end of the day your agency rep can hop on a call and go over your analytics report with much enthusiasm revealing how your organic ranking went up along with new users. But if very few web visitors spend money, then who bloody cares how many people visit your site? Is your goal to rank to the moon, or grow your business by increasing sales?

A digital marketing growth stack is a set of strategies and tools that work together to achieve specific goals. The foundation of the WEBITMD Growth Stack is to first understand the way consumers absorb information relevant to how they make purchasing decisions. Then strategies are created designed to drive traffic, nurture potential customers through a buyer’s journey, and convert them into sales. This process incorporates business psychology, SEO, marketing automation, creative, content and a management team of inbound experts who know how to lead nurture and help promote business growth for their clients.

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Understanding Your Buyers

Technology dictates consumer behavior. Before mobile search widespread or even possible online consumers would click on a landing page that would prompt them to contact sales. When mobile search technology improved enough to offer a user-friendly experience, and when Google’s algorithm evolved, and now with smart home technology and chatbot strategies, buyers are able to do their own in depth research and make purchasing decisions without being schmoozed by a sales rep. Instead they are educated with strategic content designed to both rank AND nurture them with answers to their questions until they view a product or service as being the best solution to their pain or need.

The WEBITMD Growth Stack relies on the creation of buyer personas–fictitious representations of actual buyers that helps content strategists create workflows with the right textual carrot that leads customers through a hand-holding journey until they are ready to take out their wallets. Once the buyer is thoroughly understood, the next step is to rank the right content for the right searchers so the process can begin.

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SEO is the Growth Stack Rocket Fuel

SEO, as a stand-alone, is not nearly as effective without an inbound marketing strategy running alongside it. However, without SEO your channels would be limited to paid. And in many cases, there is no value in running paid campaigns based on the industry and the competition.

Within inbound marketing, SEO is the catalyst that unites ideal customers with the right kind of content. In other words, it uses content strategies with organic semantic ranking properties to provide the right answers to specific questions made in the SERPs. It also ranks content according to buyer persona related keywords and queries through user engagement signals. When landing pages have content that people love, they will click, read, and move on to the next step whether this means they download an asset or complete a purchase. This in turn pleases the almighty Google.


Inbound Marketing

The WEBITMD Growth Stack is primarily known for its inbound marketing services. Once the client’s industry and buyers are clearly understood and defined, and the SEO strategy is set in place, an inbound strategy set in motion by marketing automation software like HubSpot makes sure the right messaging reaches the right people without letting leads fall through the cracks. Digital marketing growth stacks that incorporate the inbound methodology create workflows and drip, specialty assets and strategic content pieces, email marketing, social listening and lead scoring to help herd each buyer type through the right conversion funnel.

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Sales Enablement

Not all digital marketing growth stacks are identical, but one thing that truly sets WEBITMD’s stack apart is our ability to focus on sales enablement. Why stop at driving traffic or lead generation? In order to truly achieve optimum business growth organizations must close the loop and turn deal opportunities into revenue. By combining CRM, deal stages, sales templates and automation the WEBITMD Growth Stack gives businesses the opportunity to improve their sales team’s efficiency with measurable impact.
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Brian is an SEO strategist with 8 years of industry experience with a passion for bridging on-site SEO with UX, and mobile search optimization. Having previously worked as a SEO strategist for an agency in Chicago where his work won him “Best SEO of 2015”, WEBITMD is proud to have him as a driving member of our growing team. When Brian isn’t researching consumer engagement data and constructing winning growth marketing strategies, he can be found exploring craft beer locations or fishing with his brothers off Catalina Island. He loves camping with his wife and four year old daughter, playing the guitar, and blacksmithing in his garage where he makes and sells replicas of ancient weapons.