How Digital Marketing Generates Leads and Higher Quality Website Traffic from YouTube

Jen Saunders
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Whether you are using a multi-channel approach to marketing, or you are looking for isolated pockets of opportunity to accelerate your business growth through digital marketing means, YouTube will likely come up at some point in your strategic roundtable talks.

Before we delve into who can benefit from using YouTube as a marketing channel and the various strategies one can use to generate leads and traffic to their website, let’s start with the bare bones of “why”.

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Why is YouTube an Ideal Platform for Most Digital Marketing Strategies?

YouTube is a powerful marketing tool because it utilizes both visual and audible sensory stimulation. We know that 90 percent of the information processed by the human brain is visual, and it only takes 13 milliseconds for the brain to process an image. These facts, coupled with the knowledge that the human brain processes imagery 60,000 times faster than text AND 80 percent of people recall what they see while only 20 percent retain what they read, goes to show that the potential for attracting leads using YouTube is substantial.

Not only is YouTube an ideal platform to inject into digital marketing strategies to generate leads and drive website traffic (publishers that feature visual content in their strategies increase traffic 12 times faster than those who don’t, according to Social Media Today), but using it can also improve the quality of your traffic by appealing to specific buyer types.

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Use YouTube Cards

YouTube cards are a marketer’s secret weapon, as they allow one to offer additional interactivity to uploaded videos by providing a CTA in your videos with a link that funnels viewers to take desired actions. Really, YouTube cards are interactive panels that appear when a video plays that encourages taking a specific action. In this example below, you can see a marketer from 2018 running a video with a youTube card that leads viewers to a link where they can download additional material.

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Keep in mind that YouTube cards were originally created for mobile users, so they are extremely responsive on all devices. In other words, your strategy should involve sending mobile YouTube traffic (as of 2019 YouTube has 1,300,000,000 users with the majority of traffic coming from mobile devices) to your website. YouTube cards will simply improve the user experience, and increase your traffic quality by focusing of specific viewers who opt in to take precise actions.

Promoting Landing Pages with End Screens

End screens are a YouTube feature that lets you conclude a video with a CTA, and it is mobile friendly. Marketers use End Screens to lead traffic to a landing page where they download additional information while leaving their personal details used for email and other inbound marketing campaigns. End Pages are also used to farm data to help improve audience targeting and buyer personas. But this is all indirect. In the direct sense, end screens allow users to view other videos, visit a website’s product page, or opt into receiving newsletters and additional materials.

In order to use End Screens your video must be a minimum of 25 seconds in length because it will appear in the final 5-20 seconds of the video clip.

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Make Your YouTube Channel an SEO Play

Detailed YouTube video descriptions can significantly improve SEO efforts while improving the quality of your organic traffic. This means you need to optimize your videos for both YouTube and Google.

To appease Google your YouTube video descriptions should be long and go in depth by addressing a problem with a solution, and using main keywords in the right context. Context is everything for Google and YouTube and contextual keywords revolve around top ranking factors.

Here is an example: let’s say you want to rank for “cold water scuba regulators”. Your YouTube video can be a buyer’s guide to ice diving gear, and the description could be this: “How Apecks Addressed the Problem of Cold Water Scuba Regulators Free-Flowing, and how their Gear Makes Ice Divers Better”.

With a YouTube video description like this one, your clip could even rank as an organic search result for terms like “regulator free-flow in ice diving”, “Apecks regulators” or “how to be a better ice diver”. In many cases, long video descriptions also help people rank for search queries they weren’t even targeting! Just remember the more relevant your keywords are, the better.

Once you start getting organic traffic from this strategic approach, your lead generation will naturally improve, and the traffic quality will be significant.

There are Other Ways to Generate High-Quality Traffic to Hit Digital Marketing Goals

YouTube is simply one platform, and one marketing channel. Now imagine a multi-channel approach that uses YouTube in addition with an entire arsenal of tools and strategies all aligned to achieve the same goal. This is what the WEBITMD Growth Stack does. Download our FREE guide on the Growth Stack below, see if it makes sense for your business, and give us a call to explore the possibilities!
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