How Content can be Written for SEO and Offer Value to Growth Marketing Stacks

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One of the biggest challenges faced by both digital marketing agencies and their client’s internal marketing teams is how to create content that will drive organic traffic, but also support the other strategies that make up their growth marketing stack. 

In most cases, organizations that partner with growth marketing agencies will have a single point of contact to work with their digital marketing marketing team, and one of the biggest obstacles for both partier=s to work around is content.

For digital marketing agencies focusing on SEO, they want to create content they know will drive a higher quality of organic traffic that will lead to more conversions, and for growth marketing agencies they want to achieve this same goal but also ensure the content supports the other strategies enabling the growth stack strategy to ensure the client hits their sales goals and high revenue targets while reaching the right audiences. 

This article is intended for members of the C-suite and the managers that work closely with them with the goal to help businesses understand how good content can be written that speaks to the brand, supports an SEO strategy, and that drives traffic to every part of the funnel as supported by a growth marketing strategy.

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Decide Who Writes Your Content, Plan Ahead

Whether the content in question is your blog, an optimization of the content on your current web pages, pillar pages for SEO (and potentially other digital marketing strategies), or landing pages that drive traffic from a combination of paid media, SEO, social media, and inbound traffic, you need to decide which types of content are best left to your internal team to write (with guidelines to follow provided by your growth marketing agency). Another solution could be to have your SEO department write the content while your internal team provides guidelines to follow. The key here is the planning; a content calendar should be created, especially if the content requires a number of brand guidelines and other considerations. The pros and cons need to be addressed when examining all the options, and your team must learn how to collaborate with your SEO driven growth marketing agency with a solid foundation built on understanding your buyers, strong communication, and an ideal alignment on goals, as this will facilitate easy compromises that could otherwise be viewed as complex endeavors. At the end of the day, there is a solution for every challenge that can be mutually agreed upon, so long as a clearly defined plan is laid out and followed with room for optimization as needed. 

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Writing for Buyers and Writing for SEO Call for the Same Strategy: Strategic WIN / WIN

A few years ago ranking content for organic searchers meant using a keyword strategy that ranked content for people using specific keywords, then Google’s algorithm evolved to include context and buyer needs into the ability to rank content. If you are investing in a growth marketing stack this is good news because it means that writing for your target audience members (addressing their needs and how your products and services provide the best solution) will enable more ranking power. Sure, keywords still matter, but the focus of writing content for a growth stack that utilizes SEO as a strategy means you write specifically to people at various stages in their buyer’s journey, while addressing their common concerns and pain points, and then showing how the product is their best solution.

Today’s buyers are savvy and do lots of research before making a purchasing decision. This means they will need to enter a marketing funnel to receive that education through a nurturing process that will enable them to make an informed investment in your products or services. And content with SEO value can target specific buyer types and lead them to the part of the funnel where they will opt in, enter a marketing automation channel, and as they are already regarded as high-quality traffic due to the way in which they opted into the funnel, the chance they will convert to a paying customer is significantly higher.

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SEO Keywords Need to Reflect Buyer Needs, and Come in Multiple Forms to Power Growth Marketing Stacks

Writing content with tremendous SEO value (improving rankings and attracting higher quality traffic) means that keywords need to be added to content that is customer-focused. In other words, the keywords must show relevance in a context that speaks to the buyer’s journey, their needs at that specific time, and showing how the next stage in their journey will help them make an educated purchasing decision. This is a formula that will nourish the growth marketing stack as a whole because it can send traffic to any stage of the funnel, and it can also improve rankings to get that coveted organic traffic and, paired with other strategies, send them to the ideal landing page where they are likely to convert.

This means your keywords need to exist as a rich, blended badder of variance. Broad keywords are important to use. Although they are more competitive, they exist as those bridges for context to cross and help Google understand search intent and needs-based solutions. In addition, less competitive keywords are easier to rank for, and when used in a cluster with a precise strategy, you can help increase rankings for more competitive keywords.

Finally, keep in mind that broad keywords are not specific to buyer goals, so creating longtail versions that add the buyer’s needs will help improve the traffic quality, overall rankings, and user engagement. For example, rather than trying to focus rank goals on a keyword like “men’s leather jackets”, which gets tons of search volume but is still rather broad, use this keywords a few times within the context of longtail keywords that speak directly to your buyer’s like “big and tell men’s leather jackets”, “blue leather jackets for men” or “size L men’s leather motorcycle jackets”. The latter keywords are more specific to appeasing a searcher’s specific needs, and so long as the strategy is solid and takes context into account and uses a pillar page and cluster strategy to show how all these keywords and search terms are related, your growth stack will be energized with high-quality traffic entering every access point of the funnel, and higher quality traffic will lead to an increase in sales.

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