Can Inbound Marketing Strategy Help Grow Your Business?

Janet Lee
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Traditionally, businesses relied on outbound marketing strategies such as sales calls to find potential customers, advertising, and direct mail campaigns. However, people seem to repulse these marketing techniques nowadays, suggesting outbound marketing is becoming futile and obsolete. But a new trend has materialized in recent years to help entrepreneurs grow their brands: inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing has become a popular method that helps businesses build their online presence and continues to grow at a moving pace. Because older methods use ‘pushy’ sales tactics to persuade random audiences to purchase particular products, inbound marketing works differently. So, what makes inbound marketing strategy a powerful and effective way to grow your business? Read on to find out.

Inbound Marketing


Inbound Marketing Strategy vs Outbound Marketing Strategy

In a nutshell, an outbound marketing strategy involves a marketer reaching out to different people to see if they’re interested in a product. Common forms include cold calls, billboards, TV/radio advertisements, sending random emails, and door-to-door sales without knowing if the audience will convert. This is often costly and time-consuming, with no guaranteed better returns.

Alternatively, inbound marketing is described as the future of marketing that enables customers to find your business on the internet. It eliminates the technique of trying to find leads blindly, like in traditional marketing strategies. The strategy allows marketers to learn the buyer’s journey and create content based on what they need to buy. Simply put, inbound marketing answers customer questions and presents memorable experiences that attract prospects to your brand.

Paid Media for Inbound Marketing

How Inbound Marketing Strategy Helps Grow Your Business

Inbound marketing uses social media platforms, specific keywords, and business blogs to present unique and modern advertising strategies to your business. However, it is a long-term strategy with indirect benefits but a more effective marketing technique than traditional advertising. Here is how inbound marketing can enhance business growth.

Increase Trust and Credibility

Integrating inbound marketing in your business allows you to inspire your audience to engage in their research and find your brand organically. Generally, the strategy makes you emerge as the most preferred and trustworthy business rather than using a billboard. Besides, about 85% of consumers conduct research online before making a purchase. Hence, inbound marketing techniques, such as leveraging social media, help reduce risks associated with your brand and promote credibility.

Improve Marketing Decisions

Inbound marketing tools like HubSpot allow you to quickly analyze your business performance, gain valuable insights and implement sophisticated marketing strategies. It provides total clicks on your landing page, resonating content, and conversion rates that enable you to advertise digitally. Also, you can score your leads and send them automated and targeted content on time. With all this information, you can determine hitches in your marketing strategy, incorporate corrective measures, and further your business growth.

Quality Traffic and Leads

Inbound marketing offers your growing business the ability to share valuable information that promotes engagement and ultimately maximizes your sales. The strategy fosters brand awareness and draws the right kind of leads and traffic to your site. Furthermore, you can create more targeted and informed advertising and attract more leads who are likely to buy from your brand.

Reduce Expenses

Besides being highly ineffective in today’s digital era, outbound marketing is costly, riskier, and time-consuming. Yet, marketers face a lot of pressure to generate quality results while maintaining costs low. Inbound marketing offers more focused advertising at low costs, allowing your business to save more money. Instead of running paid ads on different platforms, inbound marketing progressively captivates visitors, builds relationships, and maximizes conversions. Consequently, you get to expand your customer base and achieve higher ROI over time.

Inbound Marketing Strategy Is a Long Game

Outbound marketing strategies such as TV/radio advertisement, cold-calling, and email marketing only last for a short time without desirable results. Inbound marketing is sustainable, meaning it can last for several years and is not limited to selling products but overall business growth. Besides, inbound marketing is built gradually and follows a series of steps to create a solid foundation with positive results in the future.

At WEBITMD, we can help you get started with an inbound marketing strategy and build long-lasting relationships that guarantee a positive brand reputation. Contact us to find out more about how inbound marketing can help grow your business. New Call-to-action

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