What Businesses Should Look for in a Digital Marketing Company

Monica Vargas
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Finding a digital marketing company that can prove to be a good investment and help you hit your growth goals is no easy task. The search takes tons of time, pulls people away from tasks that directly impact efficiency and growth, and it can be a very emotional ride for those who aren’t even really sure what they are looking for, let alone what they need to grow their business.

When an internal marketing manager who knows very little about digital marketing strategies approaches various agencies to enquire about services, the experience for them is equivalent to one most of us have experienced: you hear a strange noise coming from your car, then it wont start up again or there is some other problematic issue, and you take it to a mechanic who diagnoses the vehicle, gives you a report along with a quote. As you have no mechanical knowledge of cars, you simply trust that your mechanic knows what the problem is, completely fixes it, and charges you a fair price. Sometimes people in these situations get taken advantage of, and for those who know enough about cars to be dangerous, they almost always get fair service as soon as they let the mechanic know they aren’t dealing with a novice.

That said, this article is intended to help CEOs, marketing managers, brand managers, and other organizational leaders learn what to look for in a digital marketing company.

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Does the Digital Marketing Company Take the Time to Learn About Your Business?

Do you really think the same digital marketing strategy your competitors and even other businesses use that aren’t in your same industry will really be your best solution? Are you looking for a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy? Of course not, and any growth-driven digital marketing company will begin the first conversation you have with probing questions that will help them understand the nature of your business. These things should include:

  • Sales / revenue history
  • Your sales cycle
  • Understanding your products and the solutions they provide
  • How (and where) your customers consume information before making a purchasing decision
  • How leads are being generated, managed and nurtured
  • What digital marketing strategies are currently / have been used
  • Current revenue and revenue goals
  • Bottom line reporting history
  • Who’s who in your organization and what are their responsibilities
  • Buyer personas
  • Competitors

Before a digital marketing company has any right to even try selling you on their services, they need to cover enough ground just to know what kind of services your business needs. And once that has been determined, your marketing team will follow up to dive deeper into the above points to craft out the perfect digital marketing strategy.

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Strategic Marketing Depth

Look for a digital marketing company that has options that abscond the traditional handbag of SEO, paid media and social media marketing. While these are important strategies for many companies to invest in, some organizations will have unique customers and a business model that warrants something more custom.

For example, growth marketing stacks are a customized set of tools and strategies that work together to achieve the same goals for companies that need something more advanced that traditional marketing solutions. The best digital marketing companies that truly focus on their client’s growth will offer single strategies like SEO is indeed that strategy makes sense for the business, and they will also offer a full growth stack for other organizations that are an ideal fit for this specialized approach. In other words, look for a digital marketing company that has growth-driven solutions that fit your business like a glove, and not an agency that peddles the same program to every person who phones in.

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Marketing Technology

There are a number of factors that play into what makes a digital marketing company truly skilled and an industry leader. The two biggest ones are the people who actually create and run your strategy, and the marketing technology they use to maximize results. For example, if you are investing in a growth marketing stack, then your SEO strategist should be a genius in their field, and use the best tech tools that helps them in selecting keywords, identifying trench in organic search, locating toxic links, and a number of other tasks that would otherwise take ages to perform without the right tools in place. The same can be said for inbound marketing; if your digital marketing company has a top CRM like HubSpot that performs management tasks that would otherwise take a team of 10 people to do, and the team of managing the CRM know how to segment the right leads into the right list for specific campaigns powered by marketing automation, your investment will clearly garner a much higher return than what would be seen if run by human beings with limited access to powerful tech tools.

Searching for Your Dream Digital Marketing Partner?

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