How to Build an Awesome Growth Marketing Stack with Measurable Results

Emma Gasko
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If you are currently investing in an a la carte marketing service like SEO, you may be getting some results. However, there is no concrete measurable way to see what works, and what doesn’t, as tracking customer journeys and conversions from organic traffic is not a straightforward endeavour.

So how can businesses determine which marketing tactics work? This is a question marketers and their clients have been asking since the golden age of Madison Avenue. However, unless organizations work with award-winning digital marketing growth agencies, questions continue to flood in with paper-thin half-assed answers.

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The Answers are in Your Analytics

Analytics make it possible to monitor and manage the performance of your marketing. Some analytics provide more insight that others. While Google Analytics can look at your paid and organic channels giving various insights that help with optimization strategies, certain marketing automation platforms commonly used with inbound strategies grant specific and measurable key performance indicators that help digital marketing agencies and organizations know who to target, and where to invest marketing dollars to get the highest return.

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Your Growth Marketing Stack Needs the Automation Piece with Analytics

Knowing where people entered your workflow and the next steps they took until they either converted or dropped off the face of the earth will give valuable insight. The best growth marketing agencies use HubSpot–a marketing automation platform that helps people qualify leads, target them with the right messaging, and nurture them through a funnel with the understanding of the customer as the foundation. In order to run successful inbound marketing strategies, you must plan for the following:

  • Be on the lookout for what’s working
  • Notice what isn’t working
  • Always look for ways to optimize and improve performance
  • Implement one or more newly created tactics designed to improve performance

The true king of Growth Marketing Stacks will provide dozens of data points for measuring the performance of your inbound campaign. Be sure to analyze your performance on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

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No-Joke Growth Marketing Stacks Include Strategies to Improve Website Performance

Remember, your website is the heart of your inbound marketing activity. Make sure your Growth Stack focuses on metrics that positively impact website performance. This is where traffic channels play into your overall marketing stack. Work with an agency that offers savvy paid media and PPC strategist to drive a channel of traffic to your site that is immediate and focused. You will also need an expert SEO strategist to help drive organic traffic to your website. When vetting digital growth marketing stacks, make sure the SEO portion of the marketing stack is one that goes above and beyond simple ranking strategies. The best SEO services come from growth marketers who know how to target specific buyer audiences with content organically ranking to resonate with their needs and that funnels them through a pseudo-inbound rabbit hole. Together, SEO and paid media can generate tons of traffic that can create valuable leads. Then your inbound strategy will use the marketing automation piece of the growth stack to nurture MQLs and SQLs until they convert into paying customers.

Ready for an In-Depth Look at Growth Stacks?

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