6 Warning Signs Your Business Needs a New CRM Software

Jason Patel
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Your business is your baby, and like a baby, it needs nurturing to grow. But if growth flounders, would you recognize the signs telling you why? Parents know it’s time to transition their babies from milk to solid food when baby teeth first appear. If your business’s growth stalls, you may find signs in how you’re managing your customer relationships. Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) could be the answer. We’ll show you six signs to look for indicating your business needs CRM software for continued growth. 

1. If Your Business is Expanding, CRM Software is Essential

CRM helps you manage relationships between internal and external customers, prospects, and leads. It serves as an interconnected resource pipeline for each business party seeking to engage with potential and current customers. CRMs automatically update information in their database, doing away with the lag time from manual approvals and spreadsheets. It helps you keep up with growth, so your business can begin growing at the speed of now.

2. Your Customer Satisfaction Scores are Going From Delighted to Dismal

A customer service department that appears to be disjointed, is hard to contact or lacks timely follow-up will create unhappy customers. CRMs help your teams follow up quickly on customer issues by:

  • Storing contact information for easier look-up
  • Tracking email and call information reducing fall-through
  • Integrating phone calls and emails for faster contact
  • Tasking assignments to team members and tracking them.
  • Recording calls for internal staff development and process improvement

By providing one location for all your customer contact and engagement information, your service teams obtain the tools when they need them to deliver seamless customer service support. The result is higher customer retention rates.

3. Your Departments Appear to Lack Coordination and Collaboration  

Customers become frustrated when dealing with a business where it seems there’s a lack of communication between teams. CRM allows all your teams to access the same customer data. Real-time updates mean marketing can instantly transfer information on leads to sales. And service could obtain purchase data and update product performance in real-time, decreasing service wait times. Your teams will become more organized and connected, and your customers will have a more enjoyable experience.

4. It Takes Inordinate Amounts of Time to Get Accurate Reports

The reporting features in CRM help managers monitor the firm’s progress towards its KPIs. Reports are easy to generate and are customizable to suit the business’s needs, so you can spend more time analyzing, planning, and implementing performance enhancements. CRM software can also remove redundant data, purge deactivated contacts, and fill in missing data fields with info from other tabs when necessary. 

5. Your Business Treats All Its Customers the Same Way

A CRM can manage customers as groups or as individuals. Have the system track those important milestone dates of your VIP clients so that you can reach out to them during those moments to offer acknowledgment. Engage your lead and prospects with personalized consideration to their needs, interests, and preferences stored on your CRM. 

6. When Your Sales Teams Are Offsite, Business Stalls

A Mobile CRM can provide your teams the tools they need to conduct business when they are on the road or away from the office. They can access data from the system to help them turn a prospect into a client. The system automatically updates the central database so that office-based team members can continue building the relationship without missing a beat.

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