5 Ways Our Dallas Digital Marketing Agency Helps Local Companies Scale their Business

Jen Saunders
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One of the first things I learned in my university marketing courses was how businesses need to be scalable. That was several years ago, and not much has changed in this area other than the emergence of technology and the multiple roles it plays in both scaling a company and helping to facilitate business growth.

WEBITMD opened its most recent digital growth marketing agency in Dallas because there was a clear need. Dallas is one of the nation’s leading cities for new startups, emerging marketing agencies, and more corporations are adding offices in “The Big D” (as it is commonly called).

Since becoming part of the Dallas marketing community, we have taken on a number of growth marketing clients, and when they came on board, they hadn’t truly scaled their business. This is a service we offer our clients, and rightfully so because, surprisingly, not many companies are doing this to any full extent.

As a leading SEO Dallas provider specializing in custom growth marketing stacks, we are making a push to help our clients learn how to scale their business. That said, this article is intended to help members of the C-Suite and internal marketing managers learn the 6 primary things you should do to scale your business, or at least 6 things you should ask your growth marketing agency to help you do in the early stages of your engagement.

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Scaling Your Business VS. Growing Your Business

People often mix scaling a business with growing a business, but the two are completely different. Scaling your business means you are situated to successfully handle an increase in workload, sales and output in a manageable and cost-effective manner. It also means your organization can run smoothly during a growth spurt without taking a punch to the face in other areas: for example, you may need new technology solutions to accommodate an increase in customers, or suffer from employee turnover because workloads have increased, or a product can’t be manufactured quickly enough to keep up with demand.

On one hand these can be great problems to have, so long as you are able to scale your business and have the right solutions to potential outcomes in place. And when you have a local Dallas growth marketing agency with a plethora of experience in scalability as your partner, you are in great hands.

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1. Turning-Point Identification

Several thought leaders in the world of Sales recommend linking capital with every stage in your growth’s journey. Start by determining when you will be drained of money. Then, work backwards to pinpoint the turning-points you need to embrace, and the timeline required to hit them. This process allows businesses to create a budgeted blueprint for advancing and garner the time needed for any fundraising. HubSpot warns against viewing valuation as a number that can only go up. Instead, they recommend that when you speak to board members and investors, focus less on your valuation and instead direct the focus on how risk changes your valuation over time.

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2. Set Up a Lookout for Risk Reducers

Risk factors may sound like things you never want to deal with, but in reality they indicate healthy growth. Any business attribute that minimizes risk for clients and investors is defined as a risk reducer. One thing you can do is share an internal growth report showcasing recent client growth that can be easily referenced and verified with potential investors. You can also show investors how these numbers are increasing over time–something that highlights data-backed proof that your customers recognize the value in the services and products you offer. This is also an example of a risk reducer that clearly shows investors that client success demonstrates greater market potential.

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3. Stay Aware to Increases in Bookings

Many of our Dallas SEO clients in the hospitality and service industry space who upgraded their organic search strategy to a Growth Marketing Stack was failing to notice an increase in bookings. But incorporating an advanced CRM with other tools and strategies into their Growth Stack alleviated this pain point. It can be difficult to stay abreast to booking increases, and that’s why various marketing tech tools and the right strategies can make this easier. When bookings steadily go up you will know that your sales side is thriving, and more bookings equate to a newly defined average rate of return (ARR).

Growth marketing agencies in Dallas help their clients do this by creating early access sales, guaranteeing customer success with a data-backed foundation, and generating a repeatable strategy that is profitable.

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4. Create Buyer Personas and Define Your Ideal Customers

This is a process most organizations dread undertaking because it is extremely time consuming, requires individuals with various areas of expertise, and often pulls people away from other tasks your growth is relying on. Our Dallas digital marketing team excels at performing this task in a timely manner, with 100 percent accuracy. Without the various tech tools that come with a custom Growth Marketing Stack, mistakes are only natural to make. But when you partner with a growth marketing agency, this concern can fly out the window.

The number of target markets you will have will be based on your business model, products and services. But that said, you will want to identify THE SINGLE customer type that is repeatable, scalable to sell to, and that’s the most profitable. You will want to project a use case to prove the process is repeatable, and don’t add too many variables that will add an unnecessary layer of difficulty to optimize strategies to reach your target customers.

Messaging is important here. This is where an SEO Dallas agency running organic content strategies as part of a growth stack can really be a game-changer. Once the target buyers are identified organic data from Google can be harvested to show how customers are searching for information relevant to your products and services. Then this information can be used to engineer clearly communicated content that is attention-grabbing, valuable, and that can differentiate you from the competition.

The next step is to construct the sales funnel. Some marketing agencies tend to be vendor-centric when doing this, but the best growth marketing agencies in Dallas serving local businesses know that a buyer-centric framework is more beneficial. This is when buyer behavior is analyzed and a funnel is created according to their buyer’s journey as opposed to a funnel constructed by the self-focused bricks of the business’s needs. Knowing what matters the most to your ideal buyers, what your sales cycle looks like and how the customer’s buyer’s journey pairs with it, and what processes your target buyers use to make a purchasing decision can help you streamline the sales cycle and even shorten it.

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5. Optimize Your Content and Overall Strategy for Buyers, not Search Engines

When you have an in-depth buyer persona and have a good understanding of their needs, you will want to optimize your content for them while providing solutions to those pain points in a scalable manner. If you are a Growth Marketing client, you will be benefiting from a multi-channel approach to generating traffic, and this means optimization will stretch from SEO to paid media strategies, and in your inbound marketing piece. Make sure to check lead sources in Google Analytics so you can make immediate optimizations to your funnel in real time, as well as adjustments to individual strategies responsible for lead generation. The next step will be to prepare for any drops in traffic by having a backup strategy in place.

Ready to Join the Ranks, Fully Scale Your Business, and Invest in the Growth Stack?

Not all of our Dallas clients were ideal fits for the Growth Stack; some met a better fit investing in SEO and PPC. But if you give us a call we can help you scale your business and determine the best strategic approach to ensuring healthy, year over year growth. Download our FREE guide on the WEBITMD Growth Stack, think about how your business fits the approach, and give us a call. We would love to learn about your customers, products, and how you are currently scaling your business!
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