5 Signs Companies with Internal Marketing Teams Should Switch to Digital Marketing Agencies

Jason Patel
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The main reason brands decide to build their own internal marketing teams is because there is a perceived value of having everything in-house. Every organization with in internal marketing team sets out to define the brand’s marketing goals and weigh them against their team member’s weaknesses and strengths.

In other words, the ability to perform operations exists in assessing their limitations in order to determine which chairs should be filled with what people, and if any tasks need to be outsourced, or if there is a new role that needs to be hired for. All of this figuring costs companies an average of $40,000–the average cost of a top-quality Google partner digital marketing agency that already has the right tools, technology, strategies and people in place.

Still need convincing? The above fact is testimony enough that hiring top digital marketing agencies to facilitate growth is more cost-effective than the time-suck and flushing of dollars that occurs in-house just to figure out the approach. But how can you tell if your marketing team fits within this alarming statistic?

This article is intended to help members of the C-suite and executive marketing teams identify if their company’s marketing capabilities are falling short of hitting their goals while helping to identify a dire need of vetting digital marketing agencies to locate that perfect partner that can help them hit their growth goals, on budget, and in a timely manner.

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1. Zero Communication Between Marketing and Sales

The foundation of marketing logic relies on valuable data and communication between your marketing and sales departments. The problem is that this is non-existent, as most marketing and sales teams exist on polar opposite planes and, naturally, despise one another. Aligning your sales and marketing teams takes a great deal of time and expertise. Then there one needs the right person and the time to create a process and train the two teams not only on strategy, but the technology required to keep the two teams aligned.

The best growth-driven digital marketing agencies already have a process and the technology to not only align your sales and marketing, but train the right internal people to work the strategy alongside the agency partner using advanced technology to extract, sort and appropriate the right data for the right campaigns.

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2. Your SEO Process is Crawling at a Snail’s Pace (Or Produces Zero Movement)

SEO is the most challenging marketing strategy to execute, the most frequently used by competitors, and crucial to improving the quality of your website traffic in order to turn visitors into sales. So if your process is slow, or there is no movement at all, this creates a big red flag that digital marketing agencies should start being interviewed.

Here’s the thing: the best digital marketing agencies known for their SEO offering don’t just rank content that brings in a great volume of website visitors, they flood your site with a higher quality of traffic and improve the top, middle and bottom positions of your marketing funnel.

The best Google-Partner digital marketing agencies are able to gain deep, intimate knowledge of your buyers using technology and strategies lacking within your internal team to understand how buyers engage with your content, as well as your competitor’s content, and create organic search strategies with highly targeted content designed to rank the right content for the right buyers at the exact moment of their buyer’s journey–the perfect recipe for ranking content for searchers who will convert to customers. And with attracting the right audience comes the powerful engagement signals sent to Google that improves rankings and domain authority–something the best digital marketing agencies can do in their sleep.

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3. Your Clicks Offer Little Value

We hear it all the time: organizations call to learn more about our Growth Marketing services and report that they are getting a decent volume of traffic, but short dwell times and no conversions. Really what this means is that all the time and salary spent on internal marketing teams is resulting in poor strategies that fail to garner an ROI. Your content is likely not targeted to resonate with your buyer audiences, but more so your team probably has a poor understanding of who your buyers are build on assumptions.

The best digital marketing agencies know that an increase in traffic, traffic quality, and content that offers a brand’s products as the solutions to buyer needs will result in a healthy ROI and year-over-year growth. This means basing a strategy on the foundation of how buyers engage with your industry’s products will allow for a plan of action that turns clicks into purchases. If your internal marketing team isn’t able to connect these dots, a growth-driven digital marketing agency certainly can.

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4. Leads Keep Dropping Off

Lead nurturing is an art and a science. There are a number of strategies and steps simply to correctly qualifying leads before they are segmented into precise groups. Then there is the necessary strategy for nurturing these leads through email marketing tactics and other strategies, such as paid ads. Human error, the lack of time, and not having the right expensive technology platforms are the main reasons why internal marketing teams miss out of sales opportunities by letting amazing leads fall through the cracks. But when you work with award-winning digital marketing agencies, the right tools, technology and strategists are in place to score your leads and nurture them through the funnel without a single one dropping off into lead limbo.

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5. Your Budget Won’t Support the Necessary Marketing Technology

According to research conducted by CNBC, growing businesses in 2018 used 22% of their marketing budget investing in  MARTECH. The use of marketing technology is growing at a rapid pace, and the industry itself has more than doubled in size in the last three years. Companies know the value of utilizing marketing technology platforms. But their full versions with all the necessary tools don’t come with an affordable price that fits most marketing budgets. The average CRM with marketing automation capabilities costs an average of $6000 a month and requires a one-year contract. And most companies that use less advanced technology still spend an average of $400-500 a day on their preferred solutions.

What companies fail to factor in is the time it takes to train their employees on these tools. More importantly, the entire logic of your marketing campaigns will change according to the capabilities each tool offers, and how it integrates with your existing platforms. This is where most organizations drop the ball when it comes to making full use of the technology they invest in ot grow their business. This failure in of itself accounts for massive revenue losses.

If your budget doesn’t support the necessary marketing technology or the ability to train all levels of your internal  team on how to use the tools while making its capabilities a major factor in your overall strategies, it’s time to research the various digital marketing agencies that have these tools in place for their clients, and who have the internal teams already trained to fine-tune any strategy with growth-driven goals. Remember, marketing technology attracts leads and nurtures them and can be the game changer for your bottom line. Digital marketing agencies use tech tools in a goal-driven manner where every actionable movement within the technology’s framework promotes growth and revenue.

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