4 Reasons Why CEOs Invested in Growth Marketing Stacks in 2018 (and Continue Doing So)

Martin Andrews
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As CEO of your company, your bottom line is what matters the most. Is sales and marketing strategies don’t impact your bottom line, you are likely not going to regard them in high esteem. This is where almost every member of the C-suite agrees. Investing in marketing must make sense, and for this primary reason alone, the custom digital marketing Growth Stack was the main investment CEOs comfortably made, across multiple industries, in 2018. And they continue utilizing the Growth Stack in 2019 for the following reasons:

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First Things First, What’s a Growth Stack?

A Growth Stack is a set of marketing strategies and tech tools designed to work together towards achieving the same goal (or goals). Growth marketing agencies like WEBITMD customize growth stacks for each client based on how their customers consume information. The stack is grounded in an approach based on the following points:

  • How the client’s customers engage their brand’s and industry’s content within the decision making process for making a purchase.
  • The client’s revenue targets and goals
  • The ability to scale and measure all marketing investments to enable an efficient use of the marketing budget
  • Hit all the necessary points to present a sterling bottom line report

CEOs commonly invest in growth stacks because every invested dollar can be measured from an ROI perspective. The entire premise of the Growth Stack makes the CEO look good when it comes time for reporting, and the process gives marketers valuable data that can be used to consistently optimize marketing strategies for greater returns.

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Growth Marketing Stacks Qualify Investment

As a CEO you can agree that investing your marketing dollars into proven strategies is an easier pill to swallow than trusting in the unknown. While investing in SEO as a single service can still offer tons of value, it is still a process and its data is opaque because marketers are only given engagement insights from Google Analytics without more precise information.

On the other hand, Growth Marketing stacks reveal every touch point the buyer goes through in their purchasing journey. Growth Stack technology show where the leads come from, the page that converted them into a lead, every piece of content they touched thereafter, and what the last touchpoint was before they converted into a buyer. In addition, Growth Marketing Stacks have a powerful CRM that even captures intimate details about your leads such as their names, job titles, and where they work. All of this information allows CEOs to make proven investments with a healthy ROI due to the following benefits that Growth Stacks offer:

  • Identify the commonalities leads have who make purchases
  • Identify commonalities leads share that dropped off and never purchased
  • Acquire high-level data on your leads to improve email list segmentation
  • Invest in custom content tailored to these segmented leads
  • Identify common touch points in the buyer’s journey and optimize the workflow to accommodate the buyer.
  • Use data to create educational content that will help multiple groups make solid purchasing decisions.
  • Learn when your leads are active online and send them custom content at the right time, using the right cadence

When you know your buyer’s pains, needs, common objectives, and where they see value your marketing team can create content that showcases your products and services as ideal solutions to their unique needs. Single strategies like SEO or paid media can’t gather this data on their own, but when run with other strategies and technologies within a Growth Stack CEOs know exactly where their investment is going, that the projected ROI is, and every step along the process is sustainable and measurable with the ability for digital marketing agencies to step in and make quick changes or optimizations to maximize the return.

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Growth Marketing Stacks Save Organizations an Average of Six Figures Every Year

As the CEO of your company, one of your many responsibilities is to ensure efficiency, budget integrity, and that internal marketing teams are involved in a strategy to achieve these points and others.

Growth Stacks make your job as an overseer easier while increasing efficiency and keeping the budget afloat. In fact, the average WEBITMD internal marketing team saw an increase in efficiency by more than 42 percent in 2018 and a reduction in human error by more than 87 percent simply by using the Growth Stack’s CRM and adjoining strategies.

Hours upon hours are spend to set strategies for multiple pieces of a marketing campaign, so when you have a solution where all strategies and facets can be viewed, measured and managed all from one location, coupled with a marketing automation solution for sending leads content and qualifying and segmenting those leads, human error is completely removed from the equation. Growth Stacks and the growth marketing agencies that work with your internal personnel not only increase efficiency and help allocate marketing dollars to the right channels in your marketing campaign to ensure a max ROI. Simply said, Growth Stacks save organizations time, money, and provide data that makes reporting fully transparent while showing detailed plotted courses that orchestrate a clear view of the investment return and how the bottom line is impacted.

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