3 Revenue-Generating Ways to Use SEO Within a Growth Marketing Stack in Preparation for 2020

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Are you going to fall short of hitting your sales goals this year? Perhaps you barely hit your targets, but you feel you could have done a much better job. With only a few months left until the new year changes, organizations are feeling a sense of urgency to solidify an approach going into 2020 that will not only significantly improve their bottom line, but set them on a healthy path for year-over year growth. 

But if you are like most internal sales and marketing leaders, you are stumbling around like Helen Keller in a snowstorm hoping a solution will fall into your lap.

Hopefully, this article is that solution.

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First of All, SEO Alone is Likely not the Solution for Mid-Size and Large Businesses

Although SEO is the most popular and frequently invested in digital marketing strategy, if you are a larger business with a longer sales cycle and you sell products and services with luxury price tags, you will need additional strategies and some tools to get any revenue from SEO.

On the other hand, if you are a small business like the Museum of Barnyard Oddities in Merna, Nebraska then a straight-forward SEO and PPC strategy will likely suffice. After all, at $3.50 a gander to see a two-headed chicken and a donkey with cataracts wearing a straw hat, you probably don’t have customers who put in tons of research to see what else the town has to offer, or if they can go look at grosser stuff for a cheaper price: they see your website or landing page, they decide right then and there if they are going to buy tickets, and bada-bing bada boom you have a sale!

However, if someone wants to take their family on a European vacation for the summer, or they want to add value to their home by buying a custom swimming pool, or find IT solutions for their company, they will likely go through a process before making a purchasing decision, and for these customers SEO needs some additional assistance from other strategies and tools in order to improve sales.

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1. Use SEO to Send Organic Traffic to Every Stage of the Funnel

When you are searching for a growth marketing agency specializing in SEO services, the first thing you should ask is how they utilize SEO within a multi-channel approach to generating traffic. Traditional SEO attempts to rank blogs and various pages for specific keywords; it sends blind traffic to a page without having any idea as to what the buyer’s pain points are, and the type of solution they are looking for. 

When SEO is part of a growth stack one of its priorities is to send the right kind of traffic to blogs and pages with strategic content that’s designed to either convert someone to a buyer right away (or convert them to a goal completion), or move them through the funnel where they are nurtured and educated into making an informed purchasing decision. In addition to ranking content for keywords as part of a crapshoot hoping the numbers game works and by chance the right buyer connects with the content (hey, it works, just don’t rely on it), strategists also need to be creating landing pages for specific buyer personas, at precise moments in the buyer’s journey, to ensure traffic quality is high and will likely perform the ideal modeling behavior strategists predict when building out the content and defining the SEO components within that attracts ideal clicks.

In other words, SEO isn’t just about feeding blogs with those high-search volume keywords. When using a search engine optimization strategy within a growth marketing stack, content must attract organic content based on buyer personas and stages in their purchasing journey, and be aligned with the rest of the campaign to ensure the clicks convert into revenue as they move through the funnel.

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2. Blogs Need to Be Written for Customers while Offering Solutions

Years ago marketers could write content, stuff it with keywords, and rank a client’s site on page one of Google with little effort. However, 2019 saw a number of algorithm updates to the search engine, some were core updates. Google continues to award sites that write content that targets the searcher’s needs by offering the best solution. So by adhering to this strategy not only are you writing for Google, you are also writing to specific audiences. This allows marketers to form emotional connections with buyers by helping them understand a lot more about their problem, the various solutions out there, and how a specific brand’s product offers the best solution that will improve the buyer’s life.

Don’t wait for 2020; start now and get ahead. Now is the time to start putting out good content that will connect with people, and that will begin the ranking process so that by the time the new year changes, you will be well on your way up the SERPs.

Your growth marketing agency should work with you to align marketing and sales for a number of reasons. Not only is this critical for shortening the sales cycle and generating more leads, but crucial data can be obtained that can be used to optimize content for SEO that resonates with buyers at an intimate level, and when you can reach their sympathies, you can reach their wallets. 

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3. Have the Right Tech Solutions that Work with Your SEO Strategy

Once your SEO strategy is defined, the content is created, and you are getting traffic, then what? It is important that you have the right tech solutions in place to automate time-consuming tasks like lead scoring and contacting leads with the right messaging. In addition, you should use technology to lift data from your leads that can be used to optimize multiple parts of the overall strategy. When you partner with a growth marketing agency make sure they have a CRM that your team can access along with your agency, that captures high-level information on prospects such as their names, email addresses, job titles, and where they work. This level of information can be used by the sales team to directly convert people, and be used by the marketing team to optimize blogs, emails, landing pages, and any other content that your customers engage with.

As technology continues to advance, mobile devices make it easier for consumers to research products with the development of new apps (nothing new here). It is extremely important you go into 2020 with a plan to communicate with your buyers at a personal level while educating them, and presenting a solution that will alleviate their pain points. SEO can be the perfect strategy to achieve this purpose, so be sure your growth marketing agency has a veteran SEO department with the experience and the chops to deliver a modern strategy for your modern buyers.

Is a Custom Growth Marketing Stack the Right Solution for Your Business?

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