3 Reasons Why CEOs Should Invest in Custom Growth Marketing Stacks to Hit Revenue Goals

Emma Gasko
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You may have a great digital marketing plan in the making, but have you set your goals? Do you have a strategy laid out with the right people in the right seats, along with the ability to measure the success of every effort your team puts in? Aligning marketing goals with revenue targets can be difficult, even for the most veteran internal teams, but in order to get the most from your investment you need to know which metrics to track, how to gauge success, and how to optimize every arm of your marketing. When you can run all of these together, you will see improvements in hitting sales goals. The most cost-efficient way to track growth and revenue from specific channels is through custom growth marketing stacks that CEOs regularly invest in.

This article is intended to help CEOs identify their pain points and discover why investing in a Growth Stack could be the ultimate solution to improving your bottom line. These three reasons will shed some much needed light with the intention to get you curious and come up with the right goal-driven questions to ask a growth marketing agency.

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1. Growth Marketing Stacks Increase Lead Volume

It’s a number’s game; the more sales and marketing leads you can qualify, the better your chances are for hitting high-revenue targets. Traditionally, organizations will hire internal teams to manage and qualify their leads at formidable costs. Having to pay multiple salaries, the time it takes to train people, do research, and keep track of leads is not ideal for efficiency or reducing spend. Then there is the human error factor where leads fall through the cracks leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Growth Stacks, however, change the game completely.

A growth marketing stack like the one offered by WEBITMD uses a CRM (in our case, HubSpot) that acts as the central nervous system for collecting leads and data, and organizing all components into simple compartments that can easily be managed by a single person. But let’s get to the main topic point: growth marketing stacks generate more leads because they use a multi-channel approach customized to how every brand’s target customers make purchasing decisions, and how they engage with relative content through their journey. When you use a customized approach based on the understanding of your buyers and their biggest needs that attracts people from SEO, paid media, email marketing, social media and other channels, you maximize your reach and ability to capture leads by providing direct solutions to their pain points.

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2. Lead Quality is Better with Growth Stacks

Not only do Growth Stacks increase traffic volume, they also bring in a significantly higher quality of traffic. CEOs invest in Growth Stacks because marketing automation technology feeds target buyers with customized content (blogs, emails, guides, anything) that nurtures them through the buyer’s journey thus enabling them with the readiness to make a purchase when they reach that stage of the journey. While traditional SEO and PPC strategies might draw traffic to a landing page that encourages readers to get in touch with sales teams to make a purchase or set an appointment for more information, growth stacks with full marketing automation hit people at the right time in their buyer’s journey, with the right content that shows them why your product is the best solution to their needs. Therefore customized content speaking to intimate needs resonates with target buyers, at the right time, with an automated next step thus significantly increasing the quality of traffic, and with this comes a spike in sales.

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3. Growth Stacks Give Marketers Valuable Data, on Tap

In most cases, brands will hire market researchers to gather data on their industry, buyers, and how customers engage with their industry’s and brand’s content. And yet again, Growth Stacks step in and remove the need for additional resources thus making them popular with CEOs on a global scale. When it comes to digital means for farming data, marketers look at Google Analytics. However, this platform only offers minimal, opaque insights on organic traffic. Growth Stacks, on the other hand, capture the following information:

  • Lead type
  • Name
  • Where they work
  • Job title
  • Age range
  • Salary level
  • Geographic location
  • In some cases, family status, hobbies etc

When high-level data like this is collected, your marketing campaigns can be optimized to reach the right buyers with the right information that will nurture them into being satisfied customers and brand advocates. While it would normally take market researchers weeks to get this kind of information, Growth Stacks produce this in real time with every touch-point from readers, visitors, and leads. In addition, they can be customized to track the right goals, help marketers define new growth potential, and shed light into what channels to invest the most into, while aligning sales and marketing to maximize results. This is a CEO’s dream come true for his bottom line reporting.

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