3 Digital Marketing Components Artificial Intelligence May Be Better At than Humans

Jen Saunders
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Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AI Marketing) is nothing new to savvy marketers. Ever since Google included AI in its core algorithm, everyone from the best digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles to the top business growth firms in New York have researched opportunities to improve their level of service and the customer experience by fusing AI marketing to their current.

For the longest time AI has been regarded as a pie-in-the-sky idea that wasn’t accessible in real-world applications, or it was a sensationalized topic at marketing conferences that people tossed around to sound modern and hoity. But all of this has changed. Look, nobody wants to be told that a machine can outperform them. But if the proof is in the data AND your time is preserved to focus on other areas of your growth, well…stop the fussing Mr. Cranky Britches.

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What are AI Technologies?

There are two particular AI technologies that used for business growth: natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG).

NLP is when a machine “reads” text and translates it into a code that can be understood, while NLG uses that code to generate its own language into words that can be read by human audiences. These are AI technologies that power bots and technologies like Siri and Alexa, and while they make life easier for the average person, marketers are more interested than ever before to incorporate this technology into their business growth strategy.

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1. Can AI Organize and Read Data Better than Humans?

According to the Marketing AI Institute, a growing number of marketers are reporting one main internal problem: they are drowning in data with not enough time to budget or maximize their performance. The Chinese retail giant Alibaba decided to address this problem by first studying to see if AI can out-read the best human teams. They developed an AI algorithm to challenge worthy humans through the Stanford Question Answering Dataset with more than 100,000 questions. The AI algorithm beat the human team with a score of 82.44 to 82.305 (and these were carefully chosen human teams at the top of their field). The takeaway – probably.

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2. AI Can Better Engage People on Social Media

Americans may be addicted to social media platforms like Facebook, but not even the most dedicated marketers can remain glued to their screen to answer questions in a timely manner, let alone have a conversation while multitasking. WordStream founder Larry Kim was one of many digital marketers who jumped when bots were getting hot. In 2018 he launched MobileMonkey–a build-it-yourself chatbot for Facebook Messenger (no coding required) that helps businesses promote their brand, engage their customers, and convert. MobileMonkey claims that their technology removes the need for A / B testing and guess work by using AI technology-powered conversion pathways. Now brands can promote themselves and funnel business through Facebook while directing their attention elsewhere.  

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3. Optimize Digital Advertising Campaigns

There are multiple ways to optimize digital advertising campaigns, but when it comes to taking a deep data dive, AI can easily and quickly analyze that which would take people much more time with a greater window for error. Artificial Intelligence can penetrate customer data lurking in keyword searches and social profiles extracting touch points for more effective ads. Because the data is sourced from semantic ponds, the human-level insights enrich ads with that extra human touch needed for touching consumer audiences with more personal, intimate messaging and offers.

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