11 Reasons Why Your Business Should Get in Bed with an SEO Agency

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In the world of websites, ranking high on search engines is a must if you want to get noticed. However, figuring out how to do that can be easier said than done. Trying to nail down the best SEO agencies can sometimes seem impossible, since an online search often reveals hundreds of choices. But even though you may feel like going with whichever company comes up first, by taking the time to discover the top SEO companies you may find yourself with a website that gets more popular by the minute. If you’ve decided it’s time to have your business get in bed with an SEO agency, here are 13 reasons why it’s an excellent idea.

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Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

SEO agencies are your best bet to rank for desired keywords your consumers use in online searches. To improve your SEO rankings, do more than target random keywords or build links to your site, since this will offer sporadic improvements at best. To get ahead, work with Google partner SEO agencies to have an SEO audit done. By doing so, they can target the best keywords and build a high-quality backlink to get traffic flowing your way.

Get Changes Made to Your Website

Websites need constant upkeep, and as such require various ongoing changes. When working with the best SEO agencies, you get regular reports regarding changes made to your website. In most cases, you’ll get weekly or monthly reports, letting you easily track the changes with measurable results. In some cases, changes to a website can be major overhauls, but necessary to your success. For example, if you have some shared platform where you pay a monthly rate for your website, you are not set up for full SEO benefits. A solid digital marketing agency will explain why WordPress websites are the best options for SEO, and migrate all the data over while checking off all the technical tasks. To do this on your own is a huge undertaking that requires extensive knowledge, so it is best you let the professionals handle such jobs.

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Become More Successful

Reputable SEO agencies are only as successful as their clients are, so when you partner with one that offers full transparency on reporting, you will be in a great place to increase your digital success. As with anything else you’re shopping for, reviews matter, so be sure to ask an SEO company for information regarding their results with past clients. Not only should they give an example or two from their portfolio, but they should also talk about their longest active client. The agency’s website should also show you who they have worked with, and give case studies to showcase their abilities. If they don’t, take it as a warning sign and look for another company.

You Get High-End Tools Powering Your Business

Digital marketing agencies that offer SEO as a primary service usually have a massive arsenal of various tools and expensive software that track and manage their efforts. If you were to pay for these on your own, you could pay anywhere from $1000 to $5000 per month. Good agencies spend a lot of time researching the best solutions that include automated reporting tools, research tools, or technical tools, social mentioning tools, keyword tracking software and a number of others that work in line with Google Analytics. When you hire a Google Partner SEO agency for businesses, you will likely have all the latest marketing tools with the smartest minds in the industry putting them to work for your growth. 

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Get Custom Types of Work from a SEO Agency

Along with a basic technical SEO audit, an SEO agency should also perform on-page and off-page work, which deals with site content and inbound links from other websites to your site. Whether it’s finding web crawler errors or evaluating site navigation, this is a key component of SEO. If you have a large eCommerce website, custom work is almost always a must, such as using cannonicals to avoid Google penalties. 

You Gain a Better Understanding of Your Website and Presence

The best SEO agencies educate their clients keeping them abreast to what is being done and why. To tell a good SEO company from a bad one, make sure you get regular reports about the activity and results of your website. Larger agencies almost always offer limited reports and have strict communication guidelines while mid-sized agencies strive for that white glove customer care through ongoing, detailed communication. If you’re not getting such information as activity summaries and conversions, or if you are only allowed to communicate via e-mail aside from a short monthly phone call with an “account manager” who doesn’t even do the work on your site, you probably ought to look for another SEO agency.

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You can Combine SEO with Other Types of Marketing

In today’s world, SEO and other marketing efforts are intertwined. Therefore, make sure you choose an SEO agency that combines innovative SEO strategies with advanced marketing efforts. For example, inbound marketing is a hybrid of SEO and conversion targeting that, when done by true professionals with the right tools, can not only help your site rank better, but drive the right consumer traffic through your conversion funnel with an end result of greater sales.  

Avoid Google Penalties with a Top SEO Agency

Working with a SEO agency garners security and significantly lowers your chance of getting penalized by Google. To ensure your site doesn’t get penalized for building spammy backlinks, having duplicate content, or other violations of guidelines, make sure your SEO agency has experience and knowledge in this best practices. In addition, find out how they’ve been able to help sites that have been penalized recover and thrive afterwards.

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Ensure You Play Nice with the Algorithms

Google’s algorithms are constantly changing because the search engine is always evolving to offer their users the best search experience. One great reason why you should hop in bed with a SEO agency is to know your site is being constantly adjusted to play nice with Googles evolving algorithms.  While most algorithm changes from Google aren’t significant, some may impact your website in important ways. Therefore, ask your SEO agency to describe some of the latest changes. By doing so, you’ll know you’re dealing with an experienced agency that keeps up with the latest industry happenings.

Enjoy Customized Marketing for Your Industry

You may be hesitant about using SEO, thinking it won’t work for your business. However, the best SEO agencies are usually able to adapt their strategies to businesses big or small, as well as industry specific sectors such as medical, legal, or government. A digital marketing strategy should never be cookie-cutter. Top SEO agencies will never use the same strategy for a major beverage label, law firm, or shopping mall. When you hire a digital marketing agency, you get a customized strategy based on your needs, industry, and competitors.  

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Acquire a Wingman

If you get in bed with the best of the best, you will not just have a trusted SEO agency empowering your business; you will have a true wingman looking out for your best interests. Large agencies treat clients like a number in a file, whereas mid-size agencies truly get to know their clients through regular communication and customized SEO strategies to help individual businesses thrive. The wingman SEO agency is always by your side, and will take your call, answer your questions, and hear your concerns whether it is at the time of reporting, before, or after. If you hope to see your business soar up to the sky like Maverick in his F-14, you need your Iceman to keep the Google penalty missile strikes from shooting your website out of the SERPs grand sky. Do your due diligence, research local SEO agencies, and interview the ones that stand out as your true partner in digital marketing. 

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