How Can an Ecommerce Marketing Agency Help Overcoming Coronavirus

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As the world struggles to prevent further spread of coronavirus, the effects of the pandemic have gone far and wide. More and more countries are announcing lockdowns, which has slowed down if not halted business processes and manufacturing. However, this may be the best time to solicit the services of an eCommerce marketing agency.

City streets are empty, and brick and mortar stores have it worse to bear among those to bear as sales have reduced drastically. On the other side of the spectrum, eCommerce businesses have received a boost. A study by Adobe Analytics revealed that overall daily online sales increased by 25% in mid-march as compared to the start of the same month. In the same period, online grocery purchases have doubled.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, online commerce has become the main retail sales avenue. However, recent developments raise more questions than answers. Some online retailers project online sales to continue increasing. However, other quarters suggest that the rise may be due to panic buying of household items and the graph will soon flatten.

In some sense, both quarters are right, and what’s certain is that normal lifestyles will soon be restored. However, before then, digital marketing presents organizations with an opportunity to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. 

Where Does an Ecommerce Marketing Agency Come In?

In line with social distancing measures to curb the spread of Covid-19, consumers have been urged to stay at home. As a result, people now spend more time using their devices. Preliminary data indicates that internet usage has increased by up to 70% in this period.

This presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to heighten their digital marketing efforts and increase brand awareness. Due to the competitive nature of the business landscape today, success is not just about producing excellent products. It’s more of how you interact with consumers and how you inspire them. This is what makes them always choose a particular product when there are hundreds of other similar products.

At this critical moment, it’s best to empathize and connect with your customers. Focus your social media activity on giving them safety tips. You can also set up online challenges for your followers. This will ensure that even if clients are not buying, your brand is still in their minds.

Other strategies to help you stay ahead of your competition include Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By working with an eCommerce marketing agency, you can boost your online visibility and make sure that your business is ready for when markets are reopened. 

Ecommerce Marketing Agency

Is It Wise to Spend on Digital Marketing at This Time?

In such times, when a business has slowed down, and sales are hard to come by, many companies are taking measures to reduce costs in order to stay afloat. It may be tempting to reduce marketing costs at a time when sales are projected to remain low, but it’s counter-intuitive.

Data from studies conducted on recent recessions reveals that businesses that continue marketing in such times outperform those that make significant cuts on marketing. Your company will be better off by working with an e-commerce marketing agency and refocusing your marketing budgets to marketing channels that increase brand engagement.

Do you want to come out on top when the coronavirus pandemic ends? WEBITMD has professionals specialized in marketing and sales solutions that bring brands and consumers closer. Give us a call.

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