9 Reasons Why WordPress Websites Kick SquareSpace Butt

Janet Lee
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WordPress websites are preferred by developers for a reason, yet many business owners are clueless when it comes to what platforms to use. In today’s highly-competitive business world, most companies realize having a website that looks great, outfitted with SEO tools, and is easy for visitors to use and navigate is critical to their overall success. While working with a digital marketing agency that builds websites will deliver a more polished look and better performance, some business owners like to create their own websites or have an employee build one in-house it in-house. Choosing the right platform is the first, and critical step. Since website development often seems like a challenge that few are willing to take on, mistakes are often made when trying to decide on the best approach to take in this area. For those who discover WordPress websites, life suddenly becomes much easier. Considered the industry leader when it comes to SEO capabilities, developing, and management websites, WordPress knows exactly what it takes to create a website that will get a company noticed time after time in the SERPs. But for those who may be considering using SquareSpace over WordPress, here are nine reasons why WordPress kicks SquareSpace’s butt when it comes to website quality.

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Complete Control of Your Site

If there is one thing a digital marketing agency knows about, it’s how important it is to have control over one’s website. All too often a company will invest in some terrible plug-and-play platform that doesn’t allow customization, and professional web developers must break it to the client that a new rebuild is necessary. For those who use WordPress to develop their websites, they can rest well knowing any future web developer will be able to customize their site. SquareSpace on the other hand forbids this; they only let you rent the website, so no customization is allowed. WordPress has a reputation for excellence that’s unmatched.

WordPress Websites Grant Unlimited Opportunities to Expand

If there is one thing any business wants to do, it’s expand, and when this happens it is only natural your website will expand with it. If you use a drag and drop website builder like SquareSpace, expansion will be difficult at best, since options will be limited. But by using WordPress websites, the expansion opportunities are virtually unlimited. When it’s time to take the next step and see your website and company expand beyond your wildest dreams, utilize WordPress.

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Access to All Files

Since WordPress websites are  also content management systems you’ve always got access to each and every one of your files. In fact, not only do you have access to all of your files, but WordPress will also organize all files, making it easy for you to conduct website development much more efficiently. SquareSpace forbids such freedom.

Owning Your Website

When you’re working with a web development company, owning your website is imperative to ensuring it will convey the message you want to give your customers and others who pay a visit to your site. Imagine going on to a company’s site and seeing a SquareSpace trademark on it; talk about cheap! Also, by owning your site and choosing to work with WordPress websites, you can opt to have your own server, meaning you don’t have to worry about your site going down unexpectedly or being closed simply because the host is having issues. Finally, the most obvious reason for owning your site as opposed to renting it is that it is completely yours and you don’t have to make monthly payments on it. WordPress is free, and all you would have to pay for is the hosting and domain name renewal. It is more cost-efficient by far.

Customized Designs

When it comes to getting your business recognized, it often begins with a distinctive design. A digital marketing agency recognizes this, so by utilizing WordPress websites you’ll be assured of having a website with its own distinctive design. With SquareSpace there are major limitations.

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Full Control of SEO

Even if you have the best website ever, it’s got to be found by those on the search engines. Therefore, having full control of SEO is crucial to the overall success of your site. By choosing WordPress over SquareSpace, you’ll have the full control you need to guarantee your website will become increasingly visible, as Yoast is a robust highly-rated SEO tool that blows anything SquareSpace has right out of the water. WordPress also allows you to fully optimize your website for mobile search, leaving SquareSpace in the dust with a red butt.

Always Consider Cost

When it comes to website quality, you often get what you pay for. However, in this case, paying nothing is your best option. While SquareSpace charges a monthly fee, WordPress does not. In fact, any money spent on WordPress will go toward hosting, themes, or even a paid plugin. And best of all, you’ll be able to shop around and determine what best suits your needs. So rather than throw away money each month on something that won’t take your website to the next level, save your dollars and choose WordPress.

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As your website and your business continue to develop, you’ll naturally want to add various functions along the way. However, if you’re depending on SquareSpace to help with this, you’ll be disappointed because when you want to add more functions on SquareSpace, you’re waiting on the in-house developers to come up with something new, and they usually have the creative chops of a walnut. But with WordPress, you’ve got an open source that allows developers to create thousands of plugins. So if you can imagine it, chances are WordPress websites have the functions you need.


As anyone who’s developed websites knows, inevitably there will be issues that require some assistance. When this happens for WordPress users, that’s no problem. Just do a simple Google search, and you’re sure to find thousands of results regarding themes, plugins, and virtually anything else. And best of all, the support often comes from the developers themselves, guaranteeing you’ll be getting answers from someone who knows your issue inside and out. Rather than rely on SquareSpace’s employees to answer your questions, let WordPress wizards work their magic.
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