What Web Developers can Learn from Coffee.

Emma Gasko
Reading Time: 4 minutes

I know what you’re thinking;

“Michelle, what does Development have to do with coffee?”

Let me tell you. Everything.

Besides coffee and energy drinks being our perfect cocktail; it’s also a great way to think of the client/developer relationship. Development is a vast and endless exploration of what you do know, shining light on what you don’t know and learning how to bridge the gap. Most developers speak a variety of languages, some that I’ve been told looks like we are just making it up and it’s some sort of extensive inside joke among developers, while clients also speak multiple, they speak the language of their customers, brand language and their own. I’m here to help bridge the sea between clients and their developers.

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Coffee is Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

web developmentWorking within a variety of industries has proven one thing; everyone doesn’t like coffee and doesn’t have to. Some clients enjoy learning the ins and out of building a robust site and some just enjoy looking at the final product; either way your building a great site that is going to be responsive, rank and ultimately going to help build your brand. Having an agency who understands the needs and wants of your site only makes the process smoother for both the developer and the client. Some people prefer tea and some prefer coffee, I am the latter wholeheartedly.

(Disclaimer: mug was received Michael Scott style)

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Taste and Preference are as Fluid as a Developer’s Specialty

Everyone has their favorite way they take their coffee; cream, black, iced, pipping hot, blended etc. Likewise there are so many avenues a developer can take. Full stack, Frontend (present!), Backend, Apps, Software the list goes on and on. Wherever you find yourself in the development spectrum, find your passion and your space and be constantly challenged by it! The best thing for a developer is to find something they don’t know. It’s a frustrating moment for anyone to be confronted by an inefficiency but it’s also an opportunity to elevate not only yourself but your work. Your clients don’t expect you to know every answer you throw at them on a weekly update call, but expressing your willingness to solve the issue will speak volumes. It’s not an inefficiency to not know an answer, it is to not care to find the answer.

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Everyone Needs a Cup of Coffee (or Tea no Judgment) from Time to Time

Websites need updating, business need to rebuild their brand or take their company to the next level. Staying up to date on the newest trends in the industry is not only a priority but it is a way of life at WEBITMD. We enjoy working with brands that invite and embrace the challenge that is responsiveness, https versus http, site security, SEO ranking, domain authority, inbound links, remarking campaigns an the variety of processes that we can build for your brand. Wanting to enhance, update or improve you website is an exciting journey for both a developer and a brand.

The relationship between developer and a client is an exciting dance that incorporates the most important elements of any business; branding, aseptic, messaging, focus, conversion and overall user experience. It is not a developers job to understand a business better than the client or a clients to understand development as intensely as a developer. It’s about the communication of information between the two and how efficient communication can make or break a project. Any creative website developer wants to be at the top of their game 24/7 but with the ever-changing nature of development that is impossible but staying passionate about your willingness to invest in progress will speak wonders to a client. Needing a site revamp or re-branding is an exciting experience we want to help you through. There are no negatives to wanting to improve your brand or investing in the future of your company.
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