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Mattan Danino
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Usually web redesigning is left up to the web designers and site owners who later have to regret  why they didn’t they pay attention during the design phase. It’s not possible for you to keep an eye on the developers all the time to make sure that the project is going as you have planned. Here are a few tips that may make you able to convey the exact idea of want you want in the project. All you ah veto do is to have a clear idea about the project and the right way to communicate it to the developers.

Website Redesign

Define the Goals

The first thing to do over here will be to review the existing design of the site and make a list of all the positive and negative points. Negative points are to be fixed of course. You must also see that all the content of the site is on the appropriate section. Make some goals that you will want your site to achieve with its new design.

Put Your Ideas on a Chart

It’s not easy to keep each and everything in mind. Forgetting just a petty thing may make you approach the developers again for some rectifications. Moreover, even if you manage to do so, it’s quite difficult to communicate it to the developers in the absence of a good chart. You may make layouts of all the pages you have conceived some ideas about. The information conveyed through charts is always more comprehensible than information communicated verbally.

 Don’t Include Unnecessary Stuff in Your Charts

The charts and sketches made by you are not to be displayed at the White House, they are there just to communicate the project requirements to the developers. You shouldn’t add any colors, logos or images to the charts. These things steal the focus from the significant pieces of the information.

You must keep all the above points in mind before handing over the project to the developers for website redesign and you will see that this time you get what you actually wanted.

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