4 Things to Consider When Making a Landing Page

Janet Lee
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When creating a great landing page, there are numerous factors to consider. Since it takes a unique combination of design, marketing, and writing to produce a page that will make your marketing campaign pay off handsomely, it’s imperative to remember that not everyone who visits your page will necessarily be looking for the same thing. Therefore, before you hire a digital marketing agency to create the landing page of your dreams, there are four web development issues that should take high priority.

define your landing page goal

What is My Landing Page Goal?

As with any task, setting a goal should always be the first step prior to getting started. Deciding on the look, feel, and overall design of the page will have a tremendous impact on whether or not your page meets the goals you desire. As with most pages, having a high rate of conversions is ultimately what you want to see. By making a page easy for visitors to convert, all elements of the page should incorporate many of the keys digital marketing experts recommend for success. Among the most important of these are downloading an e-book, signing up for a newsletter, or filling out a form. And to make sure you meet your goals, you’ve got to make great use of colors and images that will catch the eyes of all your visitors. One of the most important factors involves button colors and background colors, which should have quite a contrast between them. In fact, data has shown red or green buttons increase landing page conversions, so to meet your goal of high conversions test colors, placement, and size to determine the best layout for your page.

know your competition

Who is My Competition?

To succeed in getting the most visitors and conversions to your page, you’ve got to know your competition inside and out. To accomplish this, you’ll need to check out landing pages of your competitors to see what information they contain, how they look, and if they contain any new wrinkles that might be useful on your page. On many of today’s hottest landing pages, doing away with much of the text and replacing it with videos has proven to be very popular (just make sure your textual content isn’t too thin or the SEO gods will frown). If you choose to give this a try, a digital marketing agency will highlight the main points of your offer with text, and then use a video that can be clicked to give further details. Since digital marketing is coming up with new and innovative ways to make landing pages as attractive as possible to visitors, knowing your competition can make all the difference in your ultimate success.

define your market audience

Who is My Audience?

Just as it’s important to known everything about your competition, you’ve also got to know your audience. If you don’t, even the best web development efforts on your part will fall short of your goals. One of the biggest mistakes many people make is assuming all visitors to their site are alike, when in fact nothing could be more inaccurate. In the best of circumstances, if you’re marketing your offer effectively, you’ll be getting visitors to your site from a number of different sources. However, those who come to you from Twitter or Facebook may have different needs than those who come through a link to your monthly newsletter. To gain a better understanding of your audience, match the words used in page copy that includes keywords and text with that which are being used in your pay-per-click ads. By doing so, you will have continuity on your landing pages, as well as show visitors they’re on the right track by visiting and staying on your landing page. By matching the visitor’s needs to your landing page, chances are you will begin to see many more conversions. To ensure this happens, be sure the web development process includes repeating the same language and phrases, which will help to reassure visitors your page can deliver the content they need.

know your customer's origin

Where is My Audience Coming From?

As stated earlier, visitors to your site will be coming from a number of different avenues. By knowing where they are coming from, you’ll be better prepared to create landing page content that caters to their specific needs. One area where this has become especially important involves users who rely on mobile devices for their web activity. According to digital marketing data, 30 percent of all web activity now comes from mobile devices. Because of this, you’ve got to have a landing page that is mobile-friendly, which can often double conversions. By making your page easy to navigate, quick-loading, and suited to fit well on mobile device screens, you will have a much greater chance to see positive results. By working closely with a digital marketing agency, you’ll know where your audience is coming from, and have your page prepared to meet their needs.

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