Some Significant Considerations for Web Redesign

Mattan Danino
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Redesigning a site is a very serious thing. You can learn from your earlier mistakes and take the help of the current popular technologies for web redesign. While executing a web redesign project, you must pay attention to a few things. Let’s have a glance at them.


Good Research

If you want a successful website to come out of your efforts, you must make a good research before starting your project. Try to figure out the requirements and expectations of the end-users. You must know while redesigning what you have to bring forth. Your redesign process must be having a foundation of excellent research.

Structure of the Site

Redesigning a site is not confined just to change its appearance; you can also make some structural changes to make the site more useful for the users. The structure of a site plays a significant role in its success. If you find any problems with it, you can solve them while redesign.


Redirects suppose to be one of the most important considerations in website redesign. You must make a list of all the pages on your site and evaluate their performance. You must pay special attention to the pages that ranked high from the start. An in-depth Analyzation of all the incoming links is also essential for good results.


The navigation of your site must be easy, both for search engine spiders and humans. The visibility and success of your site largely depend on the navigation. You can have a look at the URL structure of your site to improve it.

Content Placement

Everybody knows how important the quality of content in a website promotion is but usually people don’t pay attention to the consideration that where that content should be placed. You must post your content on relevant pages so that it generates more customer base and profit. But remember the quality of the content remains the first thing always.

Technical SEO

The position of a site in SERPs depends on scads of factors. Site redesign provides you the convenience of making changes in all those factors and enhancing the visibility of the site. The most important areas to be focused are page load time, compliance and coding.


Testing your site after redesign will make you aware of all the flaws to be taken care of. Though usually redesign is done very carefully but still testing is very necessary. The slightest of drawback in your site can be very dangerous for the popularity of your site.