Blog Integration: WordPress is King!

Janet Lee
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There are a lot of different blog content management systems to choose from when looking for one to use on your website and each platform has its advantages and disadvantages over the others. When it comes to searching for the best blog platform, there is one system that stands out from the rest. The system that provides all-around excellence and most ease of use is WordPress and it blows the other systems out of the water for good reasons.

The advantages of WordPress are:

  • Yeah, It’s FREE.
  • The WordPress interface is easy to learn, use, and to install! You don’t need to be an experienced web designer to integrate and use the software.
  • It is entirely Open Source! Open Source is a philosophy of software distribution that allows anyone to read and modify the program’s source code. Because anyone can modify the source code, improvements, implementations of new specific features, and customization occur rapidly and efficiently. You could even use the blog platform as your website’s platform and no one would ever know.
  • Integration of plugins and themes are seamless and widely available. WordPress offers more of a variety of plugins and themes than other blog systems. We like options!
  • It offers easier organization of your content pages. WordPress does not limit the amount of pages you can have or how to organize them. Rather it is up to you what kind of navigation pages you would like, what categories to fit them in, and where you would like them to be placed on your site. It is entirely up to you and WordPress does not limit your capabilities.
  • The back-end GUI is neatly organized and uses large fonts. The back-end graphical user interface is a type of user interface that allows the blog’s manager to interact with programs in more ways that typing such as computers, hand-held devices, and many more. Having the GUI as neat as possible and clear to read will save you time and energy.
  • It is driven using a SQL Database. The Structured Query Language is a database designed for maintaining and saving data rather than having to re-write the data completely. This language allows you to keep the format of the pages you have already made, and use them over and over again, rather than having to rebuild anything from scratch like you have to with other blog systems.
  • SEO is just good on WordPress than it is on other blog platforms. Google spiders crawl WordPress sites like they would any other blog and rank them accordingly.

For these reasons, and probably many more, WordPress is king! Blog integration and use on your website should be seamless, easy to use, and timely and WordPress is the program that offers these the best, at least in our opinion!

Information Provided By: Entrepreneurs-Journey

Blog Post Written By: Kent Seiders

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