4 Tips on How to Successfully Pitch Domains for Backlinks

Martin Andrews

Whether you work for an agency or you are a business owner running your own digital marketing strategy, most people get a little intimidated when contemplating backlink acquisition. The process is time consuming, and there is always the risk of being rejected after putting in so much work.

When you find a potential domain that has strong authority, is relevant to your business, gets lots of social traffic, and allows you to send custom content with all of your keywords and anchor text(s), you are ready to usher in some offsite SEO juice. But these domains know they are valuable, and they can afford to be picky when agreeing to take someone’s content. By following these four tips, you can form better impressions and rake in the valuable backlinks that will help rank you above the competition.

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1. Kiss Some Ass, Discreetly

We all love positive attention, especially if it is genuine. When you kiss the blog editor’s ass you are pitching to, don’t just dive in for the smooch. Some subtle ass-kissing will take you further because you won’t come across as being so obvious. Choose a recent blog they published, and shower it with praise giving specific examples from the writing. For example, you could say something like this:

That article titled ‘5 Ways a New Step Dad can Connect with Your 10 Year Old’ by Adam Keiner was brilliant because it was written from the point of a child and therefore had a great impact on me allowing me to better understand where my own step child comes from. I applaud you for giving your writers the creative freedom to write such unique, original work.

As opposed to saying “your blog is my favorite” or “I love your articles”, you are taking the time to actually write a heartfelt praise while sighting a detailed reason.

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2. Submit Content Their Readers Will Value

When pitching a blog for authorship rights and links, submit an original piece of content so they can (1) tell you are serious and (2) gauge your quality and fit. Don’t write off site content for your readers. Write articles for THEIR readers. When blog administrators get pitches with content deemed valuable for their site, they will regard your worth well above those who offer naked pitches with zero content. Knowing how to create high quality backlinks also involves knowing how to submit the right content to the referring domain. See what their readers have to say on social media, and offer up a free piece of writing exactly in line with what their audience values.

3. Submit Non-Promotional Content with Your Pitch

Valuable domains seek out the best content, and this means it has to be well-written and non-promotional. Nobody wants to read a blog that is blatantly telling or begging people to perform an action. Instead of writing an anchor text that says “Sam’s Furniture Warehouse offers the lowest prices on modern furniture”, consider one that reads “low prices on modern furniture” or “modern furniture at affordable prices”. The keywords are still present giving you the same search juice, and the non-promotional angle will give the piece a better read and therefore make your pitch more favorable.

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4. Show that You are a Good Investment

Your pitch is a marketing tool; you are selling yourself. Use your assets as leverage to build value. Do you have a degree? Are you a published author? Are you creative and artistic? Be sure to mention your skills BUT do this in context to what THEY get from your partnership.

You can also argue your value by promising them a set number of articles every month. Most blog admins want to work with writers capable of sending regular content because it helps them better plan their content calendar and schedule. If a domain knows they can expect a weekly article sent every Thursday you will increase your value by showing them how to work you into their logistics, versus playing guessing games as to when you will submit pieces.

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Make that Pitch Your Bitch

Your pitch MUST be a slam dunk; the grammar, spelling and word usage must be flawless and the body well structured. You need to kiss ass and demonstrate an emotional connection with the blog’s content you are pitching to. Give them a free article along with your permission to publish it, but be humble and express that only if it meets their high standards. Your pitch is your sales arm that will open doors to high quality backlinks. If you invest time and creativity, you will get greater rewards.

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