What Does a Digital Marketing Strategy Look Like that Actually Makes Money?

Jen Saunders

There are two primary digital marketing strategies that are extremely common, and that garner little to no revenue: one run on stand-alone old school SEO, and the other is the one businesses run as opposed to the strategy proposed by the digital marketing agency they partnered with.

From the best SEO agency Los Angeles has to offer, to the top digital marketing agencies in New York, true experts understand how buyers consume information and shop for products and services. They understand that SEO as a solo service is only as strong as the content it ranks and the workflow that consumes it. After all, you can rank landing pages to the moon, but if the content isn’t converting readers, it isn’t fueling growth.

Back to businesses that think they know best when it comes to marketing: if these entities truly knew how to market, they wouldn’t reach out to agencies to begin. But they do, and when they give their agency instructions to proceed with strategies that are virtually useless, agency marketers are left shooting at a target while wearing a blindfold.

If your goal is to actually drive revenue through digital marketing strategies, here are some components to a growth-driven digital marketing stack that will help you high those high revenue targets.

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SEO that Ties Into Growth Strategies

If you want to rank content for the right kind of people (your ideal buyers), you need to use keyword variations, context, and topics that directly tie in to the needs and pains that drive buyer behavior. Simply ranking content using keywords for their search volume and “low-hanging fruit” benefits may see landing pages rank on page one of Google, but not for the actual search terms used by your ideal buyer groups. Furthermore, your webpage won’t rank very long anyway because Google favors content written with semantic considerations. If you want your search optimization efforts to contribute to revenue generation then ditch traditional SEO considerations for strategies that focus on semantic considerations and the buyer’s true needs.

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Marketing Automation

You likely have some abandoned cart contacts and email lists of others who visited your site or purchased something in the past. Targeting these people with email marketing campaigns can take lots of work and require flawless organization. However, marketing automation software makes the delivery, tracking, and management of these campaigns flawless thus increasing your ability to close missed sales opportunities. Marketing automation also helps streamline inbound marketing workflows and buttons up lead qualifying thus preventing any leads from falling through the cracks. By incorporating a marketing automation software platform into your digital marketing efforts you can better target those missed opportunities and prevent leads from ghosting your qualification process.

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Inbound Marketing

Adding inbound marketing to a digital strategy will fuel business growth and help you hit your revenue goals. We are in an age where consumers no longer rely on sales teams to provide them with information needed to make purchasing decisions. Instead, they perform their own research in an attempt to better understand their need and the best product to provide the best solution.

Inbound marketing nurtures customers through a buyer’s journey and targets consumers at various stages of this journey with appropriate and strategic content that moves them through a funnel until they are confident to pull the trigger and make a purchase. When partnering with a digital marketing agency that offers inbound your sales numbers will shoot up through the roof and, if the strategy is thoughtful and ongoing, your growth should be consistent.

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