Why Digital Marketing Stacks Offer Greater Business Growth

Jen Saunders

The landscape of digital marketing can be viewed as a crazy jungle where multiple things are happening at one. Strange noises are coming from multiple channels that trigger the need for fast reactions, eyes need to be focused on every strain of the marketing strategy, and without structure you will likely get bit by something.

Digital marketing stacks for business growth will change the way you look at marketing. This methodology begins with a deep understanding of how a brand’s consumers engage their products and services, and it probes to get insight into how people engage with a product, and what motivates them to make a purchase.

Once the buyers are understood, a stack of tools and strategies are put together in a custom strategy designed to nurture customers in a highly personal manner while leading them through a conversion funnel that will results in sales, and brand loyalty. The method is completely holistic, offers 100 percent transparency for tracking invested dollars with channel specific ROI, and its agile nature means it functions and breathes alongside any industry or buyer behavior changes.

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Digital Marketing Stacks Prove Profitable Investment

One of the many reasons marketing stacks stimulate greater business growth is that brands can tell where their investment pay off, and where they struggle. Let’s compare a growth stack to SEO as a stand-alone service: SEO will rank content, but the conversions that come from organic can’t be traced unless other tools such as call tracking are added. However, the best digital marketing strategies like the WEBITMD Growth Stack include a marketing automation platform that sends inbound workflows out for buyer engagement. Marketers can track the entry point to each engagement, follow the buyer’s journey, and discover the point where they actually make a purchase or complete the desired action. With this data dollars can be allocated to areas where there are higher conversions as opposed to stand-alone SEO blindly shooting to the moon.

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Business Growth Stacks Align Sales and Marketing

Business growth originates from how a business understands their customers, and how they use buyer insights to create more sales. The best digital marketing growth stacks include a sales and marketing alignment in which sales development reps share their lead qualification and buyer persona insights with marketing strategists to create opportunities that salespeople can close, as well as digital sales conversions. Identity, relationships and interests are key buyer insights that need to be reflected in every component of the growth stack. In order to hit those high revenue targets, buyers must be educated, informed and communicated with in ways where their needs are being addressed and met.

In order for this to happen your digital marketing agency will create a custom, standardized set of guidelines and sales enablement programs that will likely offer in-depth training on engaging social selling and internal communication skills.

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Sending the Right Messages to the Right Buyer Groups

Digital marketing growth stacks primarily consist of content. This included blogs, email copy, landing page copy, CTAs, assets, and other forms. These multiple content formats are designed to work together in a cohesive strategy to attract, educate and convert buyers and all have their separate purpose for each phase of the strategy.

One piece of the growth stack is creating strategic content based on information from buyer personas and data from sales and marketing alignment. According to the business goals, industry, sales cycle, and a number of other components the content will call for various types with precise subjects and contexts. An SEO strategy will also be baked into the content, and it is typical to see in-depth blog strategies feed the organic optimization needed to draw buyers to the vital first point of contact.

One example of a comprehensive blog strategy often used in the WEBITMD Growth Stack is a cluster model. This is where you have a defined number of blogs with each targeting an individual topic, in a predetermined contextual manner, that link to one another and to a pillar page on the website. Not only is this ideal for SEO but it also gives readers the information they are looking for in a simple road map.

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Will A Digital Marketing Stack Boost Your Sales?

Your sales cycle and the nature of your business will typically determine the pieces needed to create a growth stack that will enable you to hit your high revenue goals. Your next step is to have a conversation with a digital agency well-versed in engineering custom business growth stacks. But first take some time to do your research; check these companies out, look up their senior members in LinkedIn, and get a good feel before you create your call list. Once you can whittle down your list to two or three contenders, have a second conversation. Dig deep into their process and determine if they will be treating your business as if it was their own.

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Jen Saunders is the Director of SEO for WEBITMD bringing more than 15 years of search marketing experience. She spent 13 years in Europe earning her PhD while looking at lots of old neat stuff. Jen enjoys simple things, like trees, sunrises, and the delicate lull of a 16th century harpsichord. Jen enjoys meditating and studies Buddhism. She is a certified master scuba diver, dolls make her nervous, and she enjoys craft beer. Jen has two cats, Chairman Thaddeus Whiskers and Lord Joffrey Gaius Pitty-Paws. They are her heirs.