3 Big Tips for Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

Jen Saunders

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles to help grow your business, you may feel overwhelmed by the many agencies and service providers that set up shop in the City of Angels. There are hundreds of agencies of mixed sizes throughout LA, and for every single agency there are more than 100 self-proclaimed marketing experts who run a business from their garage while putting up a strong digital storefront.

Finding the best digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles is just your first step towards partnering with that ideal-fit business growth expert who can help you hit your high-revenue goals. Then you must do your research and determine whether or not they are all talk, or if they have the chops to truly deliver. These five tips for finding the best in digital marketing that LA has to offer will certainly make your quest an easier one.

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Tip One – Consider Only the Reviews that Matter

Once you have narrowed down your search to a short list of potential agencies, you will want to start to discover what others are saying about the business and their ability to deliver on business growth tactics for their clients.

Client reviews on the agency’s website, Google reviews, Yelp and certain paid platforms are worth dirt. Never put value into places where anyone can leave a free review or pay to leave one because there is too much room for dishonesty to skew a sincere reputation. In other words, any platform where the agency can have their own employees write fake reviews (or pay a directory to publish a positive review about them), or where disgruntled past employees or competitors can leave fake negative reviews, should be completely admissible.

To get around this obstacle you need to locate true, trustworthy reviews that have been verified. Reviewers like DAN, UpCity and Clutch verify digital marketing agency reviews with financial evidence that a brand was indeed getting billed by the marketing agency in question. Some of these reviewers will leave their partial name and the industry they work in, or the full name of the company, or a combination of the two. So long as they have been justly verified how they display themselves doesn’t matter, and you can always ask the agency you are considering to release that info so you can contact the referral for first-hand feedback. Finally, don’t be fooled by “awards” agencies have won, as many of these can be paid for and are used as a smoke and mirrors tactic.

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Tip Two – Choose an Agency in Size that Fits Your Needs

There are four primary types of digital marketing service providers:

  1. Large Agencies with 100+ Employees– These agencies tend to have multiple reps for the same account, the client never actually talks to the person who does the work, the strategy is a “rinse and repeat” method used on most clients, and if they have a Nike or Pepsi Cola client of the world, their primary focus is on them. Typical communication is limited to monthly reporting, and trying to speak more often than this generally requires applying for a ticket.
  2. Mid-Size / Boutique Agencies– These agencies tend to have between 10 and 50 employees and function much differently than your large agency with the cookie-cutter plan. These guys tend to be selective with the clients they take on, limit their client numbers, and they have spend years finding the best talent in the business for each specialty within the scape of digital marketing. Each marketing strategy is customized to meet the client’s growth goals, and the person who creates and manages the strategy is also the client’s point of contact. Communication is ongoing. Customer service is top-notch.
  3. Small Shops– These are the startups that are trying to break out into the agency world and, though they have office space (usually shared with other newly formed businesses) they only have two or three employees. You will likely get great customer service and communication with this type of service provider, but their limited resources prevent them from hiring the best talent or paying for the newest technology to truly deliver a high-quality service.
  4. The Work-From-Home Marketing Geek– This is the one man show; the guy who likely started out building websites for businesses who then discovered the profitability in claiming to know SEO, PPC and managing inbound strategies. Would you want to see your favorite team in the World Series compete with just the pitcher on the active roster? This guy might be able to help a small mom and pop sausage shop in Small Town USA of 100 people, and that’s about it.

Don’t get me wrong; if your industry, competition and goals present a successful landscape that can be reached with a rinse and repeat process, then the larger agency may not be a bad fit. But if your goals are growth-specific, you face competition, and your buyers come in a variety of personas, look to the boutique digital marketing agency for the biggest impact.

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Tip 3 – What Services are these Digital Marketing Agencies Actually Offering?

9 out of 10 times we get a call from a mid-sized business or a big brand that asks for SEO or PPC (or both). Unfortunately, businesses think they know what they need, but they fail to ask the right questions. The best digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles not only tell the potential client to pump the brakes so they can ask these vital questions, but they also offer the actual services the client needs to be successful.

In some cases PPC as a stand-alone service is not only fine but ideal for a business. Competition, the sales cycle, and other factors will play into painting a picture to illustrate their true needs. SEO as a stand-alone service is almost always never a great idea, but once again there are certain types of businesses that can still generate revenue from single organic channels.

What you need to wrap your arms around when it comes to finding the best digital marketing services in Los Angeles is an agency that offers a customizable Growth Stack modeled on how buyers engage with the brand at hand, and something engineered to hit the company’s revenue goals. A Growth Stack is a set of strategies and tools that work together to achieve a number of business growth goals ranging from revenue to brand awareness. Understanding how a brand’s consumer audience consumes information needed to make a buying decision is crucial. The WEBITMD Growth Stack may contain the following bricks:

  • SEO
  • Multi-Channel Paid Media
  • Social Media
  • Editorial Outreach
  • Strategic Content Marketing
  • Data & Analytics
  • Inbound Marketing with Workflows
  • Marketing Automation with Content & Assets
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Enablement – CRM, Deal Stages, Sales Technology, Sales Task Efficiency
  • Post-Sales Marketing

The right approach to fueling business growth is never going to be the exact same one for another business, even if they are in the exact same market and industry. When looking for the best digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, make sure they offer a true Growth Stack backed on data, buyer personas, industry research, your brand and your goals with measurability and scalability at the forefront.

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