5 Top Agency Tips for Hiring SEO Experts

Martin Andrews

Scouting new hires is never an easy task, especially if you are trying to fill SEO roles in your agency’s roster. Search engine optimization has evolved dramatically, so finding someone who has surfed the search wave long enough to understand just where it forms and breaks is, in of itself, a tall order. Yet finding SEO experts who promote business growth is easier said than done, finding good-fit employees involves another obstacle in of itself. By following these five tips gathered from the best digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles, you can create a plan that will enable you to hire the best fits for your company.

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1. Look for Integrity

Often agencies look for skills first and foremost. After all, the high the skill set is, the more value the new hire brings to your team and company as a whole. Don’t place all your focus here; look for an SEO expert who has oodles of integrity. At the end of the day you can train someone how to do a backlink audit or write content, but you can’t teach values. An employee who is trustworthy, ethical, and takes full ownership with SEO knowledge that is pretty good, is better than a veteran SEO expert who has an attitude problem and can’t be trusted.

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2. Creativity and SEO Experts go Hand-in-Hand

There are books written on how to hire creative people because it is no easy task. SEO has its technical side, but even this aspect requires creativity and overall a good SEO expert must think outside the box to solve problems. When interviewing people don’t necessarily look for the right answers to questions; look at the creative process in the interview and what it took for the person to reach an answer, and look for some originality in their answer. If they have a unique perspective on something, this can be a strong indicator that they are true creatives.

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3. Leadership VS Management

Management is what keeps the gears cranking, but leadership is what enhances the quality of work put out. A manager simply gives instructions and makes sure tasks are completed on time, and up to standards. A leader does this BUT also takes each and every team member with him. In other words, a leader helps build and develop other team members by listening to their ideas and knowing how to orchestrate strategies where each person feels they played a role into completing a winning project. Leaders who manage nurture others who can also evolve into company leaders. It’s like having your own All Star farm system.

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4. Call References and Look for Gaps 

It may sound like a no-brainer tip, but you would be surprised how many SEO agencies fail to call references or check work history timelines. Especially true with larger digital marketing companies, they have so many employees coming and going that it simply isn’t cost effective to call references. DO IT! You should also try to verify that the candidate really worked at every company stated on their resume, and if there is a gap you should be concerned. All too often a problem employee who can interview like a true salesman can easily make HR fall in love with him, but a past place of employment left off his resume would warn at all costs against hiring the person.

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5. Check Professional Rating Sites

One sure way to spot a problem employee is by performing a little online research to see if he left a nasty review about a past employer. Even if the company was not ideal, leaving a bad review shows a certain level of immaturity. If the bad review goes on and on like a novel, then clearly the candidate has issues and is prone to drama. See is the candidate’s name, phone number or emails address is associated with any professional online review site.

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Think Like a Top Agency

The best SEO agencies are THAT GOOD for a reason: they have phenomenal employees. Join some social media groups for managers and HR companies; seek people employees by agencies with great reputations and pick their brains for ideas on how to build a strong team of search marketers. Most of them will be happy to throw out some great tips like these!

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